Lilian Harms
Girl thinking
What’s your story?
Peurto Rico 16x9 (1 of 2).jpg
Small group of island members endure deadly “twin sisters”
JERU Isaiah Bulla 16x9.jpg
Abraham Oratorio 16x9 (16 of 20).jpg
FLT Brazil Visit 4(16x9).jpg
Members, prospective members take advantage of opportunity to meet with Portuguese-speaking minister from headquarters.
Student Hires Portraits 16x9.jpg
Five seniors will join staff after graduating in May.
Young boy or girl is standing on a diving board and ready to jump
How my attitude toward PYC took a 180-degree turn for the better
Roku 16x9.jpg
_JERU Freedom Coins (7 of 10).jpg
Herbert W. Armstrong College students on Ophel excavation help unearth 1,950-year-old artifacts.
Moscow Festival Ballet January 2018 (16x9) 4
Pastor general Gerald Flurry
Armstrong Choral Union will perform original work at Armstrong Auditorium on April 19.
KOD Stations(16x9).jpg
Presenter Gerald Flurry’s program reaches new viewers in new cities.
Costume Dance 1 (16x9).jpg
More than 200 singles visit Edmond for latest event.
Edstone Foods Dinner (8) 16x9.jpg
Rather than a term paper, junior and senior women prepare and serve a meal.
Jerusalem Dig Announced 1
Twelve students and graduates will participate in archaeological excavation in early 2018.
Site Search One
Three ways you can use Google to search
Philadelphian Q3 2017 Mockup 16x9
AC GRF Orientation Lecture.jpg
Chancellor’s orientation lecture commences 2017–2018 academic year.
Student Dance CC.jpg
Students at Edmond campus share slide show, fellowship and dance moves.