Herbert W. Armstrong
Sun Comes Up from Behind Earth in Space.
To broaden your perspective on the gospel, please read this stellar selection of excerpts from The Incredible Human Potential. They are taken from Chapter 2, “The Startling Revelation of What Was Christ’s Gospel.”
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Excerpted from Mystery of the Ages, Chapter 6
River and spring forest. Nature composition.
A american vote writing a reminder note on the calender to vote.
Marriage a Divine Institution
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The traditional teaching of Christianity is that God is a trinity. Did you know that this doctrine isn’t found anywhere in the Bible?
16x9(Real Abundant Living)
Do you know how to live fully–abundantly? In this article you will learn how you may taste the joys of real abundant living.
Photo of a church's advertisement of Sunday worship, but is Sunday God's day or is it Saturday?
Does it make any difference which days we observe—or whether we keep them? Does the Bible establish whether we are to keep certain days holy to God? Were these days given to ancient Israel only? Are they binding today only on the Jewish people, while Christians are commanded to keep holidays such as Christmas?
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God’s Feast days are fast approaching.
16x9(Important third law)
Without health one is direly handicapped, if not totally cut off from achievement.
16x9(The Potter's Hand)
Potter working clay on potter's wheel
Some of the teachings in the Bible are a little hard for the average thinking mind to understand.
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How we fight against the struggles of sin.
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Few even professing ‘Christians’ understand the difference between being ‘saved by GRACE’ and ‘rewarded according to WORKS.’
Millions who claim to believe in God would be shocked if they knew the actual SOURCE of their belief and practice.