Members of the Philadelphia Church of God listening to a singles Bible Study.
Some things to remember in choosing a mate
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It is the happy single who becomes the happy married person!
Singles do play a major role in God’s Church.
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You’ll never be a happy single until you see it—and fill it up with the right thing!
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The singles event is a hidden gem nestled in the Feast that some people pass by without a second glance.
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Singles, get ready for November 7-9—it’s Turnabout Weekend!
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Service and gratitude are primarily expressed as attitudes!
Man writing
A good plan is half the rent.
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A key to successful online dating experiences
Philadelphia Church of God
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Singles, now is the time to learn to be outgoing and to give!
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The more I wrote, the more I realized how happily those single women replied.
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EDMOND—Hundreds of Philadelphia Church of God local and online singles listened to a Bible study on …
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What a blessing dating is for our lives now and for our marriages to come.
Young woman's hand holding old woman's hand.
Let us do our part to support the elderly and strengthen Gods church.
Stick figure man with picnic basket
Bring the picnic experience into your summer activities.
Bride and Groom on wedding cake
Are you missing out spiritually if you haven’t tied the knot?
EDMOND—Headquarters employees Jeremiah Jacques and Rachel Dattolo coordinated Philadelphia Church of God singles events throughout 2013, including Bible studies, a movie night fundraiser and a singles event and helping Pastor Joel Hilliker revive the God Family culture singles initiative. Now, fellow employees …
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Some thoughts on compatibility
Young ladies talk
To the singles in the Church, God presents a grand challenge—and a wonderful opportunity.
The singles winter event is nearly here!
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With the amazing amount of technology at our disposal, singles can do quite a few things to make the many miles in between us seem a lot shorter. We would like to start making a series of posts on ideas for things you can do on a date.
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Online dating truly does open up possibilities—including brothers getting to know brothers and sisters getting to know sisters. Following are a few points to help you develop wonderful and long-lasting friendships using this wonderful tool.
My intent was just to say hello and start to get to know others in the family.
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I thought there was a distinct possibility I would never be able to marry and have a family.