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A great list to keep handy to improve your interactions with the opposite sex.
How one of America’s founding fathers came to have such a sterling marriage.
Family having traditional holiday dinner with stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables pumpkin and pecan pie.
Consider the greater fruit that serving produces.
16x9(My First Sabbath Date)
The following is an e-mail that came in to our singles coordinators from a Philadelphia Church of God member.
16x9(The 3 Encounter rule)
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As we develop close friendships, we should be careful not to disregard someone too quickly based on first impressions or superficial information.
Herbert. W. Armstrong College students enjoy a date on campus
Whether you are single, married, distant or down the street, here are some tips to freshen up your next dating experience.
16x9(Memoirs from a shut-in single)
Writing letter to a friend. Selective focus and shallow depth of field.
Dating online has helped me build friendships and grow spiritually.
16x9(Marriage counseling and engagement)
Marriage Counseling and Engagement
16x9(Don't have this conversation with your date)
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Steer your discussion into safer waters.
16x9(How does emotion affect your dating)
Handsome Hispanic guy talking with a cute curly brunette at school
It can be a great blessing—or a terrible curse.
16x9(Godly dating protects you) Singles Bible Study for brethren of the Philadelphia Church of God at Armstrong Auditorium.
God has to know that He comes first in your life.
16x9(Be not afraid)
Just married sign and cans attached to convertible car. Horizontal shot.
You could be dating toward marriage, but you’re not.
16x9(Single not the opposite of family)
A bit of understanding that could change your life as a single in God’s Church
Pastor Joel Hilliker speaks in Armstrong Auditorium on March 14.
Hundreds attend in person and online.
16x9 (Biggest Cause)
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Guaranteed to be well worth the challenge
Progressive dinner
Dozens of singles from five countries attend latest singles event in Edmond
Diverse group of runners outside.
Place the right importance on your health, living environment, finances, education and career.
Members of the Philadelphia Church of God listening to a singles Bible Study.
Some things to remember in choosing a mate
Singles Jenna Natanawan, Parker Campbell, and Ms. Fleetwood at SWW 2021 making sushi.
It is the happy single who becomes the happy married person!
Singles do play a major role in God’s Church.
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You’ll never be a happy single until you see it—and fill it up with the right thing!
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The singles event is a hidden gem nestled in the Feast that some people pass by without a second glance.
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Singles, get ready for November 7-9—it’s Turnabout Weekend!
16x9 Gift
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Service and gratitude are primarily expressed as attitudes!
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A good plan is half the rent.