Here Are Some Creative Dating Tips

EDMOND—Want some fresh ideas for dates? Whether you are a lady planning a date for turnabout (November 6-8), a young man or husband looking for new ideas, a college student on a budget, or a member wanting to do group dates with friends and brethren, here are some thoughts to get you going. What is one of the more creative dates you’ve been on? Let us know at

Fun Food and Fellowship

  • Cook dinner together for yourselves or for a family
  • Cook dinner together online
  • Join another couple for a cooking challenge or competition
  • Participate in a blind food tasting
  • Buy some ice cream and stroll through the park
  • Try a type of cuisine neither of you have tried before
  • Do a tasting at a winery, brewery or distillery
  • Host a progressive dinner
  • Picnic at the park or beach
  • Attend a food festival
  • Make fresh salsa
  • Have a gourmet pizza night
  • Invent a dessert

Get Active

  • Go surfing, skiing, tubing or canoeing
  • Go hiking, geocaching or metal-detecting
  • Go horseback riding, fishing or birdwatching
  • Go skating, ice skating or rollerblading
  • Cycle the city or the trails (bike rentals are sometimes available)
  • Try ziplining or a high-ropes course
  • Try go-karting or a (supervised) racing experience
  • Try an indoor rock-climbing gym or outdoor bouldering
  • Play mini golf, disc golf or real golf
  • Play tennis, shoot hoops or try bubble soccer
  • Do a 5k fun run
  • Learn scuba-diving
  • Explore a national park or state park
  • Pick berries or fruit at a “u-pick” farm or orchard

Make it Musical

  • Attend a concert
  • Watch a community, college or high school musical production
  • Sing karaoke
  • Have a triple-date campfire singalong
  • Play guessing game with lyrics of your favorite songs
  • Take a dancing lesson at an establishment or with friends

Game on

  • Play bocce ball, cornhole, or badminton at the park
  • Play darts or billiards
  • Play games and ride rides at a theme park or fair
  • Play board games (Alien Frontiers, Jaipur, Splendor, Ticket to Ride)
  • Play party games (Apples to Apples, Balderdash, Cranium, CatchPhrase, Pictionary)
  • Play cards
  • Learn a new sport
  • Try darts, billiards or axe-throwing
  • Try an “escape room” or other puzzle-solving challenge
  • Put together an actual puzzle at a coffee shop
  • Go bowling
  • Race remote control cars


  • Tour a botanical garden
  • Do a special encounter at the zoo
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Visit a planetarium
  • Visit a museum or historical society
  • Take a painting or drawing lesson
  • Try a craft, pottery or glass-blowing
  • Learn a simple skill like juggling, calligraphy, the moonwalk or foreign phrases
  • Try to replicate a cool online science experiment video
  • Read a short book and have a mini book club meeting
  • Attend a car show, farm show or other convention or expo
  • Visit a meetup for makers, artists, photographers, naturalists, trivia, etc.
  • Research a place and be your date’s “tour guide”


  • Request a table with a view at a nice restaurant
  • Take a hot-air balloon, helicopter, train or ferry ride
  • Drive through the countryside
  • Have a backyard barbeque with lawn games
  • Get coffee and take a walk
  • Visit a tea room
  • Fly a kite
  • Watch a play or game at a local theater, college or school
  • Visit antique shops or flea markets
  • Attend Shakespeare in the Park
  • Play checkers or chess
  • Build a model or a model rocket

Bonus Tips

Make sure the activity you choose is appropriate and safe and that your date will feel comfortable. Research and plan as much as you can in advance, and consider what your date is interested in. Don’t forget to consider travel times, and let your date know ahead of time what attire (especially footwear) will work best. Have several topics of conversation in mind. And remember, this is above all an opportunity for you to serve your date. Have fun!