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Searching for and Obtaining a Job
Job hunting? Here are some helpful steps to aid you in the employment process.

One of the most important aspects of a person’s life is finding the right job. Employment, of course, not only provides a steady flow of income, but it also yields countless opportunities for growth. Having a job creates a positive personal environment that extends beyond an individual to affect those around him, including God’s Work.

We know that God loves working. Therefore, our work life is a fundamental part of our efforts to strive to emulate God’s character and let Him shape and mold our lives. Searching for and obtaining a job has a lot to do with getting God involved from the beginning and keeping Him involved throughout the process.

In the United States, currently 10 million people are actively seeking employment. So many people contending for the same jobs makes for a highly competitive job market. How can you ensure that you obtain the job that is right for you?

In a recent editorial class at Herbert W. Armstrong College, registrar and business instructor Jason Hensley provided seven steps on how to search for and obtain a job. Even if you are not searching for a job right now, you could pick up some of these points to use later or share with others. The full video of his lecture as well as the PDF versions of his handouts are available below.

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Seven Steps to Finding a Job

1) Specifically ask God for direction.

Get God involved. Ask Him about what field you should work in. Ask that He would guide you to the right employer. You should also ask that He would open your mind to His direction.

2) Start the process early.

There are 10 million people currently looking for work in the United States. It is a competitive job market, so start looking now. Make searching for a job your full-time job.

3) Use the multitude of available sources in pursuing job opportunities.

The Internet is a powerful and convenient way to find employment. Here is a list of websites that may help you find a job:






4) Keep a log of all your communications with every company you contact.

Keeping a log helps you stay organized and makes you look sharp when you follow up with the company later.

Some things your log should include:

  • Company name
  • What has been sent to the company
  • When it was sent and to whose attention
  • Name of who you spoke to and when
  • Short synopsis of what was said

5) Work to develop a friendly rapport with everyone you talk to.

Remember that attitude and personality comes through the phone as well as in person. Be friendly with everyone you talk to. A receptionist might not be the one who can hire you, but she often has a lot of influence with the people who can.

6) Consider the types of questions you may be asked during an interview and be prepared to answer them.

Make sure you know what you want. What job are you interested in? Would you be willing to move? Do you know what the primary responsibilities are for that particular job?

When you go in for an interview, remember that it is not really about you. An interview is about determining whether or not you would be a good fit with the company and whether or not you can do the work. During an interview you should be positive, confident, and be sure to speak slowly and clearly. If you want the job, tell them you want the job. This makes a strong impression.

7) Keep God involved in every aspect. Pray about the entire process.

For some, obtaining employment is a real struggle. It requires hard work to find work. A large part of the reason why so many people seem to be constantly looking for a job is because many just don’t put in the proper effort to seek out job opportunities. Don’t wait it out! Put in the time and effort that it takes to separate yourself from the 10 million others. Consider these seven steps and use them to guide you in searching for and obtaining the right job.