Pastor General Update

EDMOND—Since the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles, Pastor General Gerald Flurry has delivered four sermons, 12 Key of David programs and two Personal Appearance Campaign messages. His sermons have focused on the book of Hebrews, Zechariah 6 and the 2018 Ophel excavation. Mr. Flurry has delivered nine hours and 22 minutes of audio-video material over the past four months and has written 16 articles for the Philadelphia Trumpet, four articles for the Royal Vision, two co-worker letters and one new booklet on Ruth. He is also currently editing one booklet on the new throne of David.

Key of David programs

Jerusalem Archaeology Prophesies

The Book of Ruth

The Hidden Superpower

The Prophesied Prince of Russia

Jude—Contend for the Faith

The Hezekiah Bulla

God’s Purposes of Sex

The Most Deadly Climate Change Deception

The Key to Unlocking Revelation

The Mass Shooting in Texas

Iran—King of the Middle East

Salvation is Education