PCG Hires Five Herbert W. Armstrong College Students
Five seniors will join staff after graduating in May.

EDMOND—Five of 15 Herbert W. Armstrong College seniors will join the headquarters staff of the Philadelphia Church of God after graduating in May. Edmond dean of students Wayne Turgeon made the announcement on March 15.

Student body president Gino Chi, from the Philippines, will join the television department. He will help produce videos for theTrumpet.com. He will also assist with online marketing and advertising, and with the audiovisual needs of pcg services and Armstrong International Cultural Foundation concerts at Armstrong Auditorium.

“When Mr. Turgeon said that he was going to announce the hirings, my heart started beating out of my chest and my hands started sweating so much—then I heard my name, and I was just so happy,” Chi said. “It is a dream come true really, to work for the Work.”

Adiel Granados, from Maryland, will continue working in the Spanish/Portuguese translation department, helping to translate pcg literature into Spanish, editing video for the Spanish-language Key of David program, and posting content to laTrompeta.es and the Spanish-language La Trompeta de Filadelphia YouTube channel.

Josué Michels, from Germany, will continue working in the editorial department, researching and translating German news, writing articles for theTrumpet.com, and translating articles for DiePosaune.de.

Rachael Grellet, from Australia, will join the staff for a year, working in the editorial department and helping at Imperial Academy.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to give back to the college and HQ congregation that gave me so much during my AC career,” she said.

Kayla Taylor, from Canada, will continue working in the editorial department for a year from Edmond. She will continue assisting department head Stephen Flurry with research and writing and will assist with Imperial Academy.

“It’s amazing to see how God works in everyone’s lives,” Taylor said. “Even if someone hasn’t been hired on by the Church, they still have been hired by God. God is really giving each and every one of us not just what we need, but what the Work needs, and that’s exciting—whether that’s being employed by the Church or in the field. We are all supporting one Work, and that is really inspiring to me. I think that going out into the field and helping to support the congregations is something that is really exciting, and so I am excited for everyone in my class. Because even though in some ways we are going our separate ways, we all have the same Employer, and the same goals.”