Jeremiah Jacques
Man wearing protective workwear and cutting tree by using chainsaw in forest.
The wisdom of Proverbs 18:17
African-American sprinter crossing the finish line and breaking the tape. Horizontally framed shot.
The elite athleticism of Olympians contains an important lesson for all of us.
Calendar week
The surprising origins of the universal seven-day rhythm of human life
Magnifying glass on antique anatomy book: Pharynx
A careful look reveals facts that, for some, may be a pain in the neck.
View of a man hand on the book in public library.
You can learn this necessary and rewarding craft.
face of a mask-wearing woman with fear in the eye.
Learning lessons from God’s creation
Operation Jonathan
An inspiring lesson from refusing to compromise with evil
Jumbled letters
The beauty of our language
Hand with thumb down isolated on white background
Criticism is just another tool we can use to improve our work.
Laughing girl with daisy in her hairs, showing thumbs up.
A merry heart does good like a medicine.
Beware the power of your absorptive brain.
A man reading the Holy Bible.
Deepen your appreciation for the Holy Bible!
Couple eating at cafe
Some years ago, Worldwide Church of God minister Richard Rice gave these nine purposes and reasons for dating: …
An online singles Bible study with participation from hundreds of PCG brethren all over the world was hosted from Armstrong Auditorium on Saturday, June 30.