Alexa Haddad
Boston Massacre- Red Coats vs. colonists
How to be on the right side of history
16x9(IA Recital)
Event featuring more than 30 performers caps off 2016-2017 academic year.
TTC Awards
Dozens win prizes for drawing, photographing, performing and designing.
Music Class 16x9.jpg
Armstrong Youth Orchestra and 30 private music and dance students perform at Armstrong Auditorium in end-of-semester recital.
20170521_HWAC Graduation-16x9 a.jpg
17 sophomores and 17 seniors participate in 16th commencement exercises.
AC Recital 16 by 9
Imperial Academy and Herbert W. Armstrong College students perform end-of-semester recital.
Eroica Trio 16 by 9
Group finishes foundation’s 2016–2017 performing arts series.
YOUTH Heerma 16 by 9
Imperial Academy senior Caleb Heerma wins first in state, third in nation.
Phillips Lecture 1 16 by 9
British journalist speaks to hundreds about Arab-Israel impasse.
AC Senior Recital
Flutist Emma Smithies, violinist Kaitlin Eames share fruits of four years of musical training. Brief 16 by 9
Trumpet Weekly replaced by more frequent, more ‘brief’ format.
AICF Ukrainian Symphony Orchestra 16 by 9
Orchestra and pianist Alexei Grynyuk play Dvorak and Prokofiev.
AICF Israel Forum Image 16 by 9
Consul General of Israel to the Southwest U.S. focuses on Israeli security situation.
AICF Jerusalem Quartet Image 16 by 9
Israel theme includes forum, reception and concert.
DAPAC Open House music piano
Dwight Armstrong Performing Arts Conservatory welcomes members from Church, local community.
FLT Santiago Chile Congregation.jpg
Post office issues continue; Church counters by deploying new technology.
Science Fair Group 2.jpg
Event exhibits students’ efforts in experimenting, video-making.
Irish Tenors Armstrong Auditorium
Armstrong guests hear the ‘Voices of Ireland.’
AICF Don Quixote 1 Philadelphia Church of God.jpg
Ballet company performs Spanish-themed ballet two nights in a row
20161228_Widow's Might Dress Rehearsal-8101080.jpg
Musical based on biblical heroine premieres at Armstrong Auditorium.
20170112_Wu Man, Pipa and Shanghai String Quartet-8102268.jpg
Oklahomans experience “A Night in Ancient and New China.”
Edstone on a sunny day.
A commentary on life at our English campus
Isolated ice cream sandwich on a white background.
The reward is well worth accepting the challenge.
Easter Lambs
What a little lamb can teach us, the lambs of God
16x9(Take your Thyme)
Cropped image of a woman preparing dinner at home
Hard work is delicious.