African-American sprinter crossing the finish line and breaking the tape. Horizontally framed shot.
The elite athleticism of Olympians contains an important lesson for all of us.
They go well beyond your physical health.
education, elementary school, learning and people concept - group of school kids sitting and listening to teacher in classroom from back
Contemplation at the beautiful sunset. Silhouette of the young man on the beach.
What do you desire; yesterday or tomorrow?
Man reads a book high quality and high resolution studio shoot
The other side of your communication with God
Balaton lake - Hungaryhttp://www.hlinka.hu/sunset.jpg
Man and boy riding bike
Family requires sacrifice. Just ask the God who gave everything for family.
Footprints in the sand at sunset.
Does your example lead others to God?
Cute son and his dad spending time together.
A young girl sits on her dad's shoulders, looking at each other, both smiling outdoors in the sun
Within His Church, God has emphasized and reemphasized the importance of the divine and exalted relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church. It is within this great revelation that the vision of godly child rearing gains true focus.
Herbert W. Armstrong meets children at an Australian youth camp.
Does your performance match your desire to serve?
River and spring forest. Nature composition.
US Capitol Building under dark, gloomy skies. US Capitol Building in Washington D.C.
The history of Israel showcases how the character of a leader does affect the people.
Stable, successful children are raised by interactive dads.
From above young parents and children resting   using laptop to speak with senior woman at home
God wants everyone to know that they are truly a member of His spiritual family.
201117-Art of Thinking.jpg
Learning to think like God is at the heart of the process of becoming God.
189-Martha and Mary.jpg
Acting on what she believed in
189-Martha and Mary.jpg
A role model for young women
Date shot 1.jpg
Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary
One woman figure amongst many male
A popular revolution’s heavy price and unfortunate victims
Father throwing his daughter in the air at sunset.
Build the quality that forms the basis of all good relationships!
Concept of choice the correct way. Beautiful landscape with sunrise over crossroads spliting in two ways. Rural crossroads on sunset background
A key to good decision-making
Hands counting us dollars with calculator and digital tablet
Three ways to emulate the man on the $100 bill