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Your utterly unique qualifications for the time just ahead
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Beneath this inconspicuous little verse lies a foundation of jaw-dropping numerical harmony
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Make your goal of etching God’s Word on your mind a reality.
Make your appearance reflect a royal standard.
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The invisible forces governing interpersonal harmony
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Always remember this beautiful, overarching truth.
Eschew anticolonialism. We need to expand our thinking to embrace God’s bold imperialistic ambitions.
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A meditation on Proverbs 12:18
Are you ready to go on a royal tour?
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How grateful are you for what God has provided you this year?
Casually dressed strong young guy standing ready with his sword
Your hand in bravery
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A deep-dive into a Renaissance masterpiece.
Business persons in informal discussion
A dream come true
surreal moment of a woman who opens the door of her heart with a key
How singles can be transformed!
Unrecognizable man is supporting his friend , selective focus
Live by this eternal truth
Hebrew Pages
A case for marriage from Proverbs 31
We need to look at the private morality of our people.
Have you ever wondered why the world is filled with so much unhappiness, suffering, violence and evil?