Casually dressed strong young guy standing ready with his sword
Your hand in bravery
Tower of Babel1.jpg
A deep-dive into a Renaissance masterpiece.
Business persons in informal discussion
A dream come true
surreal moment of a woman who opens the door of her heart with a key
How singles can be transformed!
Unrecognizable man is supporting his friend , selective focus
Live by this eternal truth
Hebrew Pages
A case for marriage from Proverbs 31
We need to look at the private morality of our people.
Have you ever wondered why the world is filled with so much unhappiness, suffering, violence and evil?
Football players holding up football.
A winning strategy for the community of singles in God’s Church
A group of mature friends are sitting around an outdoor dining table, eating and drinking. They are all talking happily and enjoying each others company. The image has been taken in Tuscany, Italy.
How we never stop “dating,” and how “turnabout” happens a lot more frequently than you might suspect
Sad young man looking through the window stock photo
Why is it that the world’s best minds can’t solve mankind’s problems?
man standing on top of a skyscraper view of the Bangkok city skyline.
Photo of hands of the farmer
Portrait of senior man
A silhouette of a man watching a beautiful sunset over the ocean. Themes include watching the sunset, nature, beauty, men, single, alone, contemplation, Hawaii, beach, resort, tropical, and yoga. Man is unrecognizable and in his mid 30s.
Use the only day you have.
211209-JAG-Work out your own salvation.jpg
God’s people throughout history have faced oppression and persecution. The current government restrictions are a God-given opportunity to ‘work out your own salvation’!
Young happiness Woman Cooking vegetables salad in the kitchen, Healthy food concept.
Good or bad, they carry on.
Golden arrow changing its direction. Concept of changing path. 3D rendered illustration.
Grooms suit close up detail, groom wearing black suit in the wedding day with a flower attached
How intensely Christ wants a wife
A valuable exercise for spiritual fitness
Hall of Administration
You’ve been hired!
Footprints on the sandy beach
A man sitting outside and reading the Bible.