16x9(Elijah's Prayer) Herbert W. Armstrong
The book of James concludes with an electrifying prophecy. God has at last revealed its true meaning.
16x9(Key of David)
Here are seven points, straight out of the Bible, to help you understand this vital truth. 
16x9(Man holding a Bible)
Are you also missing out because you have yet to discover this eye-opening fact?
16x9(Mysterious Prophecy)
Psalm 83 tells us the nations that will not be allied with Iran when Germany and Europe conquer that nation and radical Islam.
Watchtower 16x9
Right now, the world is hearing the last voice they will hear before Christ returns—at least prior to the Tribulation.
16x9 (Zerubbabel the Builder)
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Herbert W. Armstrong was a type of Zerubbabel the builder. This is a vital dimension to Mr. Armstrong’s work that many of God’s people do not understand.
(The Watchman)
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Herbert W. Armstrong fulfilled the watchman role in a general way, but there is a more specific fulfillment today for the PCG.
16x9 (Frustration Reading Bible)
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
One cannot unlock the mystery in Bible prophecy without this indispensable key.
Monthly calendar template for January of year Twenty Fifteen
Why is January 16 such an important date to the PCG?
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Even normal parents cannot forget their own flesh and blood.
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
God meant for this mysterious book to be understood! Here is how.
A photo of Jerusalem, where the two witnesses will prophesy.
We are in a period of time just before the Great Tribulation.
16x9 Blood Moon
They have seized the public’s attention. What does the Bible really say? The answer may surprise you. 
The greatest danger in receiving new revelation is having a ho-hum attitude toward it.
Picture of the Megiddo Valley, the Hebrew form of Armageddon, where the armies of the world will gather to fight Christ.
The world will not be destroyed at Armageddon as many people believe. Armageddon has become synonymous with the destruction of the world. But what exactly is Armageddon? The answer may surprise you!
Sand dunes on Libyan Desert. The Sahara Desert is the world's largest hot desert.
Great leaders like Winston Churchill and Douglas MacArthur have made statements about how we must solve the problem of nuclear power if we are to survive.
Revelation 13 beast, 16 by 9 ratio
Have you heard of the prophetic “beast”? Do you know what it is and if it is real?
Beast with 10 crowns
A dreadful power is rising again; soon, it will impact everyone’s life.
Daniel 2 prophecy image
Large portions of the bible are devoted towards prophecy. You can better understand your bible if you understand prophecy.
Reading the Bible
With the Church’s heavy emphasis on prophecy in the end time, are we missing out on vital instruction for personal growth and character development?
Open hands
Prophecy reveals God’s power over human affairs! As we watch its fulfillment in our day, it should infuse our spiritual lives with urgency. Consider this mind-stretching prophecy about the world’s next superpower.