Daniel Di Santo
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Tiesto Vidal stands at bat ready to take a crack at Gabrielle Schlote’s pitch.
Canadians infuse American traditions.
The men in the photo, from left to right, are as follows: Maurice Chevrier, Tony Chiasson, Rod Kelsey, Dan Gauvreau, Daniel Di Santo, Greg Bergsma, Bill Lawrence, Laskey Hart, Michael Lauzon, Mr. Fred Dattolo, Raj Ebenezer, Mr. David Weeks, David Robinson, Rein Westerbaan, Alex Lovell, Tyrel Schlote, Ron Hanson, John Jones, Steve Maydanski, and Robert Friesen.
Canadians share afternoon of topics, speeches, dining and dancing.
Philadelphia Church of God members in Canada hold pine car derby.
Canada congregation adds a twist to pine car tradition.
PCG member James Fuller and his daughter Shira perform an original ukulele duet called “Purple Polka Dots.”
“Pump[ing] up ze enthusiasm” in Canada
Milton teens and members celebrate conquering Mount Kelso. Pictured from left to right: Daniel Di Santo, Cathy Di Santo, Tiatephi Sankar, Elvis Sankar, Zebdiyel Sankar, David Weeks, Laskey Hart, Fred Dattolo, Janet Sankar
Challenging activity pushes teens to new heights.