Canadian Singles Reflect on Feast

CANADA—At the home of Regional Director John Macdonald, about 20 singles of the Milton, Ontario, congregation gathered on October 29 for a barbecue and fellowship.

The “Welcome to Winter Barbecue,” as it was titled this year, has been held in late October for the past several years and provides an opportunity for local singles to catch up with one another and spend time with the ministry after the fall festival period.

Sitting around the fire with the scent of roasting lamb, beef, chicken and assorted vegetables permeating the brisk air, the singles shared what stood out to them from this year’s Feast of Tabernacles. Some expressed their thankfulness for the atmosphere of unity and togetherness they experienced. Others recounted ways God had intervened for them during the Feast. Those who had attended the Edmonton, Alberta, site mentioned the visit of Pastor General Gerald Flurry as a highlight.

Member Joseph McAleer said that, like the Feast, the barbecue had an “atmosphere of peacefulness.” He compared it to a “family meal” because of the relaxed fellowship.

Though rain had been forecast for the day, none came.

“Being with brothers and sisters was needed,” said member Darlene Cufaro.

Member James Fuller said, “What could possibly be better than spending family time around an open wood barbecue on a crisp Canadian fall day!”