Andrew Locher
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How a four-dollar investment can change your life
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Three lessons to join the fight
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Cómo prepararse para el Armstrong College
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How to prepare for Armstrong College
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Guidelines for holy day offerings
TE June 2018 cover
How diligently are you training for your future?
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How happy are you right now—at this very moment? Are you full of joy for your life and optimistic about your future?
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The Bible records several examples of great leaders for us to study. What qualities of leadership are common to them?
Child with money
Your children are where the money is, and marketers know it.
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God’s Work needs you to develop this extraordinary godly quality!
16x9 (The Secret to a Better Relationship With God)
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Using this tool God gives us will yield rewards greater than we can imagine.
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If we are to prepare ourselves for our future vocation, we had better understand what that vocation is.
The Key of David with Gerald Flurry
EDMOND—Only twice in the past eight years has Pastor General Gerald Flurry taped more …
John F. Kennedy
Here is why great leaders have come to power throughout history.
EDMOND—On February 19, Pastor General Gerald Flurry began a new phase of the Key of David program: broadcasting from God’s house. The beginning of this year also marked another milestone for the program, its 21st anniversary. It’s a good time to look back at The Key of David over the years. …
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The Bible says Philadelphians are known for their brotherly love and constant fellowship. How do you measure up?
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Parents need to be aware of the dangers posed to teens by the glittering array of modern communications technologies available to them.
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Do you know how to manage your finances responsibly? Here is a biblical approach to balanced financial management.
16x9(Become you perfect)
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The Days of Unleavened Bread point us to the high goal we strive for in our approach to God’s law.