A popular-yet-misunderstood fad is in the air.
Hands sewing with a needle and thread.
Improving in anything takes time and effort
A multi-ethnic group of teenagers are outdoors on a sunny day. They are wearing casual clothing. Two girls are laughing at another girl in the foreground. She looks frustrated.
It’s funny, it’s addictive, and it’s a more serious problem than you think.
Pensil. Pensil in the hand. Pensil write Notes Of Melody. Composer Comes Down a Song and Records Musical Notes Of Melody On A Paper Leaf by Pensil.
Going the extra mile
Abstract palm hands touching brain with network connections, innovative technology in science and communication concept
Shut down the most deceptive influence working on your mind, and take control!
close up shot of well worn baseball in baseball glove, football and basketball So you want to go to PYC 16x9
How to prepare for Philadelphia Youth Camp
Young teenager from home doing their work or exercise for the exam, deals with graphic design and works in the program Photoshop.
Why you should enter the graphic arts category
Shot of a young photographer taking a picture from the top of a mountain
Develop your talent for taking pictures (because pictures get developed).
Youth Teen Talent Art
Crucial information for crafting your art entry
Youth Teen Writing Article
Create a moment worthy of art.
Performing Arts
Critical information for the performing arts category
Churchilll Godly Ambition
Young people—you need this valuable character trait!
Frustrated youth using laptop computer trying to research something or finish homework on time while seated at desk with head resting on arm
My cheerful smile slowly faded into a half frown …
Youth Recital Prepare to be Judged
One way to develop your human spirit
Empty glasses in the restaurant
And two substantial miracles
Indianapolis, US - October 22, 2016: Marriott North Hotel. Marriott offers full-service hotels and resorts II
“It’s the little things that make the big things possible.”
Cute little girl lying in hospital bed with teddy bear and smiling at camera
We each have the opportunity to give this gift.
Everyone Needs Good Friends
Be a friend to others like Christ is to you.
Some Fiji Brethren
What it means to be a family
Mr. Sanner's article hole
“Hey, do you need a hand down there?”
Youth Fishing
Is your hook in the water?
Milan, Italy - October 4, 2013: Milan students manifestation on October, 4 2013.  Students took to the streets to protest against italian austerity claiming their future
Too quick to offer two cents?
One Small Act
Want some extra credit?
With All Due Respect
The importance of learning to respect others
Keep Running
Finish the race.