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Campers and volunteer staff assemble on campus for this year’s PYC
PYC Campers cheering at stick night.
Prepare now for the best camp ever.
wooden violin part on black background, macro
So—become the finest building material you can be!
Will you keep moving forward?
Cute little boy ready to dive in the pool at the leisure center
Are you learning to practice this crucial virtue?
Girl smiling against a wall
My earliest memory of answered prayer
Closeup portrait Angry Boy, Blowing Steam, puffing out his cheeks about to have Nervous atomic breakdown, isolated grey background. Negative human emotion, Facial Expression feeling attitude reaction
Has it infected you?
Female student making a speech. She is standing at a podium and smiling to the crowd.
How I overcame glossophobia
A scene from the Old Testament - Abraham and his son Isaac who is carrying the sticks for the 'burnt offering', or sacrifice, which Abraham had been asked by God to make of Isaac. Illustration from "The Children's Friend" Vol XIII, published by Seeley, Jackson & Halliday, S.W Partridge & Co. in 1873.
Which god do you choose?
orange Sunrise over earth as seen from space. With moon and stars background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. https://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_cat.php?categoryID=1484
How God has used and will use His power—and what that has to do with Pentecost
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What do the Sabbath, the burning bush and you have in common?
Woman standing on jetty and watching sunrise by the lake.
From sore trial to soaring success. Explore what God can teach us through our feathered friends.
Garden of Eden
The unusual species that once roamed ancient Israel
Learning lessons from God’s creation
The book of Job describes this massive animal—but it is shrouded in mystery. Is it proof that giant dinosaurs lived with man? Why would God even create such a creature?
Elevated View Of Person's Hand Removing Paycheck From The Envelope Over Wooden Desk
God does the impossible.
Easter Jesus Royal Gold Kings Crown with Jewels on a Purple Background
Wise instruction on how to nurture the throne of David
London, UK- April 13, 2014: London Marathon in Canary Wharf aria, massive sport event for professionals and amateurs sportsmen, Champions League
Do you know where the finish line is?
child in the Studio posing in fashionable clothes to looks in a mirror
Treating your body and your Maker with respect
Teenage boy whispering  a secret in the ear of surprised  friend on white  background
Strive against negativity in your conversation, and rise above habitual cynicism.
Girl covering her mouthSimilar images:
How good are you at holding your tongue?
Winston Churchill 1874 - 1965 A half length portrait of Winston Churchill in 1900.
Use your trials to mount the steep slopes of challenge.
Zip line activity. Hands holding carabiner on zip line in forest.
The answer to this question affects every area of your life.
Women reading the Holy Bible.
Astounding Old Testament passages, quoted in the New Testament, prove that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah!
Baker shot in bakery, with warm bread just out of the oven
Are you focused on the lessons of these days?