Winston Churchill 1874 - 1965 A half length portrait of Winston Churchill in 1900.
Use your trials to mount the steep slopes of challenge.
Zip line activity. Hands holding carabiner on zip line in forest.
The answer to this question affects every area of your life.
Women reading the Holy Bible.
Astounding Old Testament passages, quoted in the New Testament, prove that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah!
Baker shot in bakery, with warm bread just out of the oven
Are you focused on the lessons of these days?
a broken clay pot with spilled soil and plant while a defiant cat looks on.
Potted plants, baby wipes and a blue tugboat
Close-up of human Eyes, teenager
Your biggest motivator to live the right way
Girl hurts chin
This lesson was seared into my memory
Helpers of Our Joy
Why you should forge a relationship with God’s ministry
hand with a burning match sets fire to the house model of matches, risk, property Insurance protection or ignition of combustible materials concept.
The house blew up—almost.
4/24/1962-Chicago, IL: Los Angeles Dodger Sandy Koufax shows winning form as he throws during a game with the Chicago Cubs.  Koufax struck out 18 Chicago Cubs setting a National League daytime strikeout record and tying his own overall National League strikeout mark.  The Dodgers won, 10-2.
Is God’s way of life really restrictive and burdensome?
Girl thinking
What’s your story?
Male student making a speech. He is bstanding at the podium and is talking to the crowd of people.
Talking and thinking are connected. Are you lazy with both?
Children plays with stones.
How content are you?
Operation Jonathan
An inspiring lesson from refusing to compromise with evil
felt marker tip
In order to effectively keep God’s law we must always tell the truth no matter what the circumstance.
J.I. Case logo on farming machinery
How important is it to you to establish and protect your name?
Young Boy showing off and pulling a knife out from underneath his jacket white his friends stand around in a woodland area.
A lesson that cut me to the bone
Fuel your excitement for inhabiting the universe!
Lost wallet
My wallet was gone.
A popular-yet-misunderstood fad is in the air.
Hands sewing with a needle and thread.
Improving in anything takes time and effort
A multi-ethnic group of teenagers are outdoors on a sunny day. They are wearing casual clothing. Two girls are laughing at another girl in the foreground. She looks frustrated.
It’s funny, it’s addictive, and it’s a more serious problem than you think.
Pensil. Pensil in the hand. Pensil write Notes Of Melody. Composer Comes Down a Song and Records Musical Notes Of Melody On A Paper Leaf by Pensil.
Going the extra mile
Abstract palm hands touching brain with network connections, innovative technology in science and communication concept
Shut down the most deceptive influence working on your mind, and take control!
close up shot of well worn baseball in baseball glove, football and basketball So you want to go to PYC 16x9
How to prepare for Philadelphia Youth Camp