190808-Etiquette Night-2.jpg
“My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.” – Winston Churchill
20190725_5B Speech-8506951.jpg
One icebreaker, 11 six-minute speeches, loads of useful instruction
20190723_4B Archery-8506848.jpg
Some of the campers were sharpshooters; all of them were joyful.
20190721_PYC Track Meet-8506540.jpg
And they’re off!
20190722_4G Volleyball-8506549.jpg
Dark-gray adorned 4G prove they’re service-oriented.
20190721_5G Soccer-8506096.jpg
Gray-clad campers brighten up the soccer field.
Rufaro Manyepa and campers.
The blue-shirted campers of dorm 6B engaged in an exciting contest with 5B.
20190719_3B Dance-8505909.jpg
The green guys of 3B had a final tune-up before the last dance.
20190718_6G Swimming-8505827.jpg
6G sinks record in floating competition
20190717_3G Softball-8505316.jpg
Leah’s Loyal Emeralds meet the softball diamond.
20190715_2G Track Practice-8505165.jpg
2G races through track meet practice.
20190717_2B Basketball-8505696.jpg
The powder blue players partially prevailed.
20190715_1G Waterpolo-8504789.jpg
1G trades traditional orange for blue swim caps
20190714_1B Cycling-8504639.jpg
Morale was high as campers braved all terrains.
20190710_PYC Stick Night-8504410.jpg
132 campers speak in rapid succession.
190709-PYC registration Table-IMG_3871.jpg
Campers and volunteer staff assemble on campus for this year’s PYC
PYC Campers cheering at stick night.
Prepare now for the best camp ever.
wooden violin part on black background, macro
So—become the finest building material you can be!
Will you keep moving forward?
Cute little boy ready to dive in the pool at the leisure center
Are you learning to practice this crucial virtue?
Girl smiling against a wall
My earliest memory of answered prayer
Closeup portrait Angry Boy, Blowing Steam, puffing out his cheeks about to have Nervous atomic breakdown, isolated grey background. Negative human emotion, Facial Expression feeling attitude reaction
Has it infected you?
Female student making a speech. She is standing at a podium and smiling to the crowd.
How I overcame glossophobia
A scene from the Old Testament - Abraham and his son Isaac who is carrying the sticks for the 'burnt offering', or sacrifice, which Abraham had been asked by God to make of Isaac. Illustration from "The Children's Friend" Vol XIII, published by Seeley, Jackson & Halliday, S.W Partridge & Co. in 1873.
Which god do you choose?
orange Sunrise over earth as seen from space. With moon and stars background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. https://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_cat.php?categoryID=1484
How God has used and will use His power—and what that has to do with Pentecost