Homemade Flour Indian Paratha Bread Ready to Eat
One simple, positive and profound step the spring holy days teach us
Formal wedding place setting on long table background focus on wine glass
How to prepare for this awesome fellowship opportunity
God’s Passover path to the Feast of Tabernacles
16x9(Should Teens Examine Themselves?)
A teen’s role in the spring holy day season
16x9(Prosper and be in good health)
God wants nothing more than for you to have abundant health and happiness.
Christ offers you a two-step formula for becoming perfect like Him.
How to handle a daisy of encouragement
What’s the big deal?
Baseball player swing hitting ball with bat in close up under stadium spotlights
Examine your priorities.
Young couple studying the Word of God together
How are your study habits?
Portrait of happy 12 years old girl, basketball player, standing with ball in sports hall
While I was sluggishly playing, my mind was working at 1,000 miles a second …
Young boy in retro clothing holding up his piggybank
Biblical principles that will lead to financial success
The story of a man who risked his life for someone he had never met
Climber in Mount Everest,Himalayan
God has called you to the greatest adventure in the history of man!
View of a man hand on the book in public library.
You can learn this necessary and rewarding craft.
man standing on top of a skyscraper view of the Bangkok city skyline.
‘We are all exposed to this world. God wants it that way! He wants us to have to deal with the world—and to learn how to stand up to it and overcome it.’
Boy with an arm in plaster indoors on the brown background , careless behavior at home, being in hospital, injury and health concept
One less monkey jumping on the bed
Father Helping Two Daughters Sitting At Table Doing Homework
Determine now to examine yourself, your life, and your influences.
Pythagoras equation
What a math problem has to do with our eternal vision!
young mechanic fixing some gears on a bike
Are you overlooking part of the Fourth Commandment?
A young hispanic teen in front of the school bus.
This true story was written about a TE reader living in the American Midwest who had the courage to stand. Sometimes your actions might mean more than you think.
What is the quality of your Sabbath fellowship?
Hitting into a parked car while parking a vehicle in a parallel line parking space.
Follow this admonition, and avoid getting into a wreck.
Everyone loves gifts. We all love giving and receiving them.
Group of high school varsity runners
A few meters to go, and the ribbon was mine.