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Looking for socks
Relax—that problem you’re facing may be no bigger than having the wrong pair of socks.
How one man finished what he started … against all odds
Malachi's Message by Gerald Flurry
Why this book is important to your parents—and to you.
Map and orienteering compass on rocks with copy space.Click on the link below to see more of my sport and travel images.
How can you relate to one of the Church’s most important pieces of literature?
Christmas decorations
Are the pagan origins of Christmas just another Christmas miracle?
George Washington portrayed in the “Passage of Delaware”
George Washington knew we would only endure if we followed God.
By Jack Ridley - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16836799
A man with the right stuff who jumped over aviation’s biggest hurdle
Hand putting rocks in a large jar
The biggest rocks in your jar
"Ski, Norway - March 26, 2012: Lego blocks with copy space. The Lego toys were originally designed in the 1940s in Denmark and have achieved an international appeal."
Character is shown—and made—in the small things.
Father walking together with his little boy outdoors at sunset
Why Bible-based family instruction is so important to us
Rear view of senior man (60s) talking with adult son (40s), sitting on adirondack chairs on the beach.
If you desire to make others happy, happiness will in turn come to you.
Blonde boy crying
‘A time to weep’ means there’s a healthy way to feel your feelings.
Never let peer pressure bully you.
Washington the Soldier oil painting
“The particular favorite of heaven”
Micah opens his mouth
I was too prepared to fail—or so I thought.
Magnifying glass on antique anatomy book: Pharynx
A careful look reveals facts that, for some, may be a pain in the neck.
Greg Nice speaks in Rapid City
The invaluable tool God has given you
Arched Milky Way, woman and mountains at night. Silhouette of standing girl on the mountain peak, mountains in low clouds and starry sky in Nepal. Space landscape with bright milky way arch. Travel
God wants you to have a glow in your life that will last forever!
189-Martha and Mary.jpg
Acting on what she believed in
189-Martha and Mary.jpg
A role model for young women
Boston Massacre- Red Coats vs. colonists
How to be on the right side of history
Happy Square
A simple formula that adds meaning and purpose to life
For sale real estate sign in front of beautiful new home
We wouldn’t make this house work—God would.
China Shenzhen Skyscraper
Mankind’s 6,000-year course of disaster
Boy With a Cheetah in the Millennium
The single most important quality you can have in your youth