This surprisingly easy formula has been tried, tested and proved for thousands of years!
orange Sunrise over earth as seen from space. With moon and stars background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. https://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_cat.php?categoryID=1484
How God has used and will use His power—and what that has to do with Pentecost
Every member has its part to play.
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What I learned from constantly being surrounded by people
210503-Easy to talk to.jpg
Keeping a conversation afloat doesn’t have to be so hard.
Coral Macro
A weird and wonderful inhabitant of the underwater world
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Step dancing out on faith
Live a life of action!
Use your head.
This commandment helps you learn about your special future and God’s magnificent plan for mankind.
If you’re disobeying your parents, cut it out.
Bluebonnet Fields in Palmer, TX
You have to make the same choice that Adam faced: the tree of life or the tree of death.
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Seizing potential and seizing opportunities
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Watch your mouth.
16x9(Night of much remembered)
candlelit dining room table
How can you remember something that never happened to you?
Baker shot in bakery, with warm bread just out of the oven
Are you focused on the lessons of these days?
Fresh homemade yeast dough
The spiritual lessons we can learn from leaven
bread and tapeline
Here is a way to get noticed by the God of the universe!
How two presidents fixed their broken friendship
Gasping for breath. Heart pounding. Mind racing.
Violin being showered in rain, shot in black and white.
A unique story of heroism
We can learn a lot from the mistakes that led to the demise of the Titanic.
Chris Eames conducting
The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.
Cast of "Paint Your Wagon"
Opportunities are meant to be seized.
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Victor Marquez-Rodriguez Sr., Fort Sill, Okla., drill sergeant, climbs across a log to get to a waiting rope that he can use to lower himself down on the confidence course at Fort Eustis, Va., June 27, 2012, as part of the annual Drill Sergeant of the Year competition, hosted by Initial Military Training, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. The yearly competition is designed by the previous year’s winner and is meant to challenge each drill sergeant, both physically and mentally.
This one little phrase could help build a more positive attitude when life gets a little tough.