Seven Bible proofs disproving the trinity doctrine
16x9(Friendship in a ring)
Everyone in God’s Family matters.
Portrait of George Washington
Private deeds matter.
Ernest Henry Shackleton, Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Dr. Edward Adrian Wilson on the British National Antarctic Expedition (Discovery-Expedition) on November 2, 1902.
Sacrifice for empire.
Spring First Fruits
Discover what is so astounding about having your mind opened to God’s truth in this age!
What the Bible says about military service
Keep Running
Finish the race.
How much are you building your body?
16x9(Did Christ Rise on Easter?)
Consider the one sign proving His messiahship.
Commuion and Symbols of the Crusifixion on a Purple Cloth
The roots of this controversy are literally a matter of life and death!
Deleaven your use of technology, youth, computer
Let God guide your life in this crucial area.
Homemade Flour Indian Paratha Bread Ready to Eat
One simple, positive and profound step the spring holy days teach us
16x9(Should Teens Examine Themselves?)
A teen’s role in the spring holy day season
does an insect work harder than you?
What God teaches us through His creation
Bible on a wooden table
What does God see in your heart?
What a Civil War general can teach us about spiritual victory
Beware the power of your absorptive brain.
Nestle Purina logo building
How much do you engage with what you read?
The story of the other Goering
16x9(New Revelation)
God began the latter spiritual rain with an unbaptized person! Is there any doubt that God can powerfully use our young people?
Confirming the truth of God’s Word a stone at a time
20180328-Dr. Mazar- copy.jpg
Two pillars of Dr. Eilat Mazar’s legacy
Don’t trample on someone’s gardens.
16x9( oddling after my sister)
Fifteen years later, she’s still making an impact on my life.
siblings smiling and laughing
Rising above the comparisons