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16x9(Christian Fellowship)
The fact is, fellowship is much more than just plain conversation or catching up. It is the association in the furthering of a common goal.
Jewish man blowing the Shofar against blue sky
The day of Trumpets pictures the most exciting change in world leadership to happen in history!
ATTENTION FOR INSPECTOR: This is a composite photo and the date of model releases are different from the date of image. Please consider this. Paratroopers jumping from the plane and military helicopters leave behind soldiers for a night mission.
Our world is full of war and violence. Will we ever have peace?
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
A survey of one of the Church’s fundamental doctrines
Young man tends to a batch of marijuana plants.
With a growing marijuana culture, are you sure you know the facts?
Ben changing directions_8102167-3.jpg
Do you as an individual desire to change?
Young woman reading the Bible. Focus on the Bible.
Few have ever checked the Bible to know whether they are, can be, or ever will be saints.
16x9(Baptized with fire)
Much confusion exists about the baptism with fire. Here is the plain, biblical truth.
16x9 (Self-examination)
The lead-up to Passover is a time when we ought to remember the great miracle God performed in leading us out of spiritual Egypt—out of sin.
16x9(Are you truly free?)
depression - close up of hand on chain-link fence.
How can we avoid being taken captive by Satan the devil after receiving our deliverance from the bonds of sin?
Father and daughter at the park.
This commandment helps you learn about your special future and God’s magnificent plan for mankind.
16x9(God's NT Holy Days)
Observing God’s holy days opens our understanding to the wonderful plan God has for all mankind.
Illustration of Christ's tomb
Was it really possible for the Logos to cease to exist? Discover the depth of God’s love for mankind.
Man is reading the holy bible.
How can you better understand the world’s all-time bestseller, the Holy Bible?
Colorful baby toy
Toys play a major role in the life of any child. But how do you select the right ones?
Guests at Wedding Reception
Here is how to develop the habit of appreciation.