Sharalee Fraser
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Campers return to the site where it all began
Philadelphia Church of God member Ray Simpson returns the serve from David Kulsenberg as Storm Simpson looks on.
Ariana (2G) runs with the ball while her dorm mate Callie runs along side for support.
“Ruth’s Pillar Lights” end the day at soccer.
Tyrsa and her dorm practice treading water.
6G faces a challenging swim class on a cool afternoon.
Instructor Steve Hercus cheers on Jeanine as she pulls a tire to help her learn proper sprint posture.
“Darling” dorm prepares for track meet.
Archery instructor James Brandon teaches Olivia proper stance as she takes aim at the target.
4G learns marksmanship at archery.
Vienna Flurry sets the ball for her dorm mate during a game of "Freeball". (Photo: Tabitha Burks)
1G experiences volleyball’s instructional class.
Girls from 5G circle up and cheer as the softball staff decide who to award a ticket.
It’s 5G versus 2G at softball on Day 6.
Micah Turgeon, Gianni Welsh, Michael Davis and Jordan Ellis sing in "Morning Star." (Photo: Jessica Dalton)
EDMOND—The bright lights illuminate the stage; a projection of …
Spring 2014 HWAC Music Dept. Recital (Photo: Matthew Friesen)
EDMOND—Fourteen students on six instruments took the stage of Armstrong Auditorium May 6 for the spring recital of the Herbert W. Armstrong College music program. Approximately 200 people attended the recital, which also streamed live online at …
The HWAC senior class of 2014 with Chancellor Gerald Flurry. (Photo: Steve Hercus)
A HWAC senior gives a firsthand account of her senior dinner experience.
Young men at Philadelphia Youth Camp.
Here is how to avoid after-camp let down.