Brandi Davis
Trumpet Niklas Frank 16x9-4.jpg
German writer Niklas Frank meets staff, gives interviews.
Florist at work. Woman making summer floral decorations
1G learns the art of arranging flowers.
_D3S6424-47_Phialdelphia Church of God.jpg
Campers focus on “Building the Family Throne at Edstone.”
A day in the life of a Herbert W. Armstrong College student at the Edstone campus
A glimpse inside a typical day at Herbert W. Armstrong College in England.
Edstone UK mail department staff
UK-Europe office mailing out growing volumes of literature.
Herbert W. Armstrong College Edstone Paris Outreach
Outreach to Péronne and Paris is one of several international trips.
Philadelphia Church of God's newest purchase for the Edstone, United Kingdom campus
Four-footed livestock expands regional office’s agricultural program
Ladies Night of Philadelphia Church of God Spokesman Club in Edstone
Members, ladies and children honor Herbert W. Armstrong
25th anniversary of the Trumpet produced by the Philadelphia Church of God.
February issue marks quarter century for Philadelphia Trumpet.
Mr. Gerald Flurry greets performers backstage in Armstrong Auditorium
String Quartet brings Juilliard to Edmond
Armstrong Youth Orchestra performing at Armstrong Auditorium
Youth music recital showcases the school’s expanding music program.
Imperial Academy classroom (Photo: Tabitha Burks)
EDMOND—Eight online students and two local students from Imperial Academy’s seventh senior class began their …