16x9(Night of much remembered)
candlelit dining room table
How can you remember something that never happened to you?
bread and tapeline
Here is a way to get noticed by the God of the universe!
240408-PRN-The Red Sea Crossing.jpg
Moses and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea channel—on foot—during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. What does that awesome event mean for you?
240408-IJL-Know Your Bible- Made to Prosper-1338893209.jpg
See how far a loving father will go to make his child happy!
A pretty teenaged girl writes into a journal with interest while sitting cross legged on her bed.
Here is the motivation you need to get started.
240401-AJL-Planner for Success-655771534.jpg
How a four-dollar investment can change your life
240325-MJ-Know Your Bible- The Resurrection Was Not on Sunday.jpg
How do you know if Jesus Christ was the Messiah?
240325-JAH-God’s Perfect Standard.jpg
The only standard that will lead you into the Kingdom of God
240318-PRC-The AI Factor-1464561797.jpg
Would you know if I used Artificial Intelligence to write this article?
240318-GN-The Principle Part of Knowledge.jpg
How to avoid the school of hard knocks
2400311_SMM_Crossing the Delaware.jpg
Respond to life’s challenges and failures like Washington.
Mount Rushmore set against a bright cloud free blue sky.
To our Founding Fathers, character was everything.
“Steeling my nerves, I chose my course …”
240205-CM-What It Means to Be a Person of Integrity-1982464873.jpg
Going wholeheartedly after what is right
Archaeology unearths historical fact—and just happens to prove the biblical record at the same time.
Confirming the truth of God’s Word a stone at a time
240212-GRT-Live Like a Champion Today!.jpg
A life lesson from the world champion Texas Rangers
240205-RM-The Church's Finest Hour.jpg
Know the dramatic history often referred to as “the receivership.”
240129-JAF-Zest Up Your Life.jpg
An overlooked aspect of a royal personality
240119-CD- 'The Most Unlikely of Allies'.jpg
First impressions can be deceiving.