240513-RM-How Can You Support an Apostle?.jpg
What Paul’s first-century associates can teach young people today
16x9(Philly Singers Remix)
My brilliant plan had succeeded… or had it?
240506-SEF-As the Boy, So Is the Man.jpg
The all-important preparatory years
Soccer player about to kick a soccer ball.
Jealousy gets you nowhere.
240430-MJ-The Perfect Man-1148587647.jpg
Develop in the four areas that make up the whole man.
Christ offers you a two-step formula for becoming perfect like Him.
Baker shot in bakery, with warm bread just out of the oven
Are you focused on the lessons of these days?
16x9(Night of much remembered)
candlelit dining room table
How can you remember something that never happened to you?
bread and tapeline
Here is a way to get noticed by the God of the universe!
240408-PRN-The Red Sea Crossing.jpg
Moses and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea channel—on foot—during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. What does that awesome event mean for you?
240408-IJL-Know Your Bible- Made to Prosper-1338893209.jpg
See how far a loving father will go to make his child happy!
A pretty teenaged girl writes into a journal with interest while sitting cross legged on her bed.
Here is the motivation you need to get started.
240401-AJL-Planner for Success-655771534.jpg
How a four-dollar investment can change your life
240325-MJ-Know Your Bible- The Resurrection Was Not on Sunday.jpg
How do you know if Jesus Christ was the Messiah?
240325-JAH-God’s Perfect Standard.jpg
The only standard that will lead you into the Kingdom of God
240318-PRC-The AI Factor-1464561797.jpg
Would you know if I used Artificial Intelligence to write this article?
240318-GN-The Principle Part of Knowledge.jpg
How to avoid the school of hard knocks
2400311_SMM_Crossing the Delaware.jpg
Respond to life’s challenges and failures like Washington.
Mount Rushmore set against a bright cloud free blue sky.
To our Founding Fathers, character was everything.
“Steeling my nerves, I chose my course …”