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The unique role you play in rejoicing at the Feast of Tabernacles
16x9(Lessons from a Doc)
A shining red trumpet with brass details. Trumpet is lying on wooden table with bell toward viewer. Close up of bell with shallow focus.
If we doubt God’s incredible power, we can miss out on life-changing opportunities.
16x9 Tree
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Don’t miss out on the meaning of this momentous holy day!
What if I hadn’t seen that flame?
Large ripples in a pond
You represent much more than yourself.
Man wearing protective workwear and cutting tree by using chainsaw in forest.
The wisdom of Proverbs 18:17
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The why, when and how of zipping it
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The most important factor
Priscilla of the first century church
A look at the list of outstanding heroines who supported the Apostle Paul
Turning hesitancy into opportunity
The Voice Inside You
What voice are you listening to?
16x9(Netflix is not your hobby)
Challenge yourself in the age of digital wastefulness.
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Choosing quality entertainment in a depraved world
David (Micah Turgeon) hugs Jonathan (Cole March) in a well-manicured field with a pink sky.
How to build a lifelong friendship
beautiful young woman in a wheat golden field on sunny summer day
How does the Bible define true femininity?
Horse and girl.
The painful consequences of ignoring instructions
Round podium illuminated by searchlights. Blank background with copy space. Stock vector illustration.
For mature audiences only
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How choosing the right friends saved a future president
"Frederick Douglass appealing to President Lincoln and his cabinet to enlist Negroes" mural by William Edouard Scott, located at the Recorder of Deeds building, built in 1943. 515 D Street, NW, Washington, DC
What you have in common with a 19th-century American hero
Large fierce dog approaching at speed
It turns out listening has a lot to do with what kind of dog you encounter.
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You were “born to set it right.”
On March 4, 2002, Air Force Combat Controller John Chapman voluntarily joined a rescue team going into an al-Qaeda terrorist stronghold on Takur Ghar Mountain. Upon landing, the rescue team soon ran into enemy personnel, and Chapman killed two of them. While advancing on a machine gun nest, the team came under fire from three sides. At close range and with little cover, he exchanged fire with the enemy until dying from multiple wounds. Afterward, the rescue team leader unequivocally credited Chapman with having saved the lives of the entire rescue team. Tech. Sgt. John Chapman in theater. (U.S. Air Force photo)
Going above and beyond the call of duty
Summertime, summertime … no time to work just time to play.
Bible Stars for The Principle Thing article
You have access to something more valuable than precious jewels. Are you using it?
This surprisingly easy formula has been tried, tested and proved for thousands of years!