How to be a servant leader
ST ANDREWS, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 15: Prince William Studies In The Main University Library At St Andrews Where He Is A Student. The Prince Is In The Last Year Of His Four -year Course At The Scottish University.
Success at the desk leads to success in life.
How to build a prayer life like the great men of the Bible
If you are aiming for happiness, you are aiming too low.
16x9(Eye see it)
Macro of a blue eye. Picture converted to black and white except for the iris. Side view, selective focus.
How light navigates the vitreous goo
A photography lesson from Mr. Armstrong
Painter in Oils - Churchill as an Artist', circa 1920s, (1945). British politician and statesman Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was an accomplished artist as well as serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945, and again from 1951 to 1955. As a painter he used the pseudonym Charles Morin. From 'The Life and Times of Winston Churchill', by Malcolm Thomson. [Odhams Press Limited, London]. Artist Unknown. (Photo by Print Collector/Getty Images)
Young men: God needs you!
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A real shift in thinking
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Becoming a quality friend starts at home.
Benjamin Franklin
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
Mr. McCarty holding some expensive stuff that is out of proportion.
How to REALLY “have it all”
How thankful are we for the tremendous blessings we have been given in God’s Church?
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What it means to be part of something greater than yourself
What you can learn from a 23-minute flight
Mining the memories of the elderly while you still can
16x9(Island of Zakynthos)
An astounding act of courage against the Nazis
Woman holding paper with smiley and sad faces in front of her head, studio shot with white background
Shh… This can transform your life!
Wally Funk (R) celebrates. Be Pleasant.
Advice from the oldest woman in space
Biblical vector illustration of David and Goliath
How a teenager took on a tank

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Featuring three guys, an awesome stick and some sand
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Four tips to help you prepare for your royal calling
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The time to grow is now.
Discomfort really keeps you on your toes.
Are you willing to use it?
Topview of a wooden table in an art studio with a collection of paintbrushes in a container and tins and tubes of paint alongside a rag
To be successful at your hobby, you must get out of your comfort zone.