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Dreamy sunset on a gold wheat field with tracks leading to the sun, focus on the foreground plants
If we are to prepare ourselves for our future vocation, we had better understand what that vocation is.
Mr Armstrong at ground-breaking ceremony
True religion shows that God works through one man at a time.
gouge wood chisel carpenter tool hammer in hand working wooden background
The man depicted in Western art is nothing like the one described in the Bible.
When we nobly fight against the odds and refuse to quit, Christ says it’s romantic and truly awe-inspiring to Him personally!
Five practical ways to strengthen a mental muscle that is critical to your salvation.
Doctor studying an MRI scan of the Brain
Why science cannot find the answer
Meditation is a powerful tool. Learn why and how to use it.
Anxious young woman rests her head on he hands in a stresfull moment. Very shallow DoF - focus is on hereyes and forehead.
‘Our primary focus in life must be on how we talk to God in prayer!’
Butterfly Nebula taken by Hubble
As powerful as the Holy Spirit is, it never forces, impels, commands or controls us.
16x9(Railroad spike)
The Passover teaches that unless we mourn the death of Christ, we will not go on to build a relationship with God.
16x9(What's so bad about self-righteousness?)
Handsome smiling man with hand on chin posing
It is human, and very natural, to be self-righteous.
16x9(Chamberlain Peace in our time)
We cannot afford to become lethargic or be caught dozing!
16x9(Sabbath Day Vision)
If we properly keep the Sabbath, we would never look to hopeless men.
16x9(Repentance toward God)
young man in emotional stress
There are many great examples of repentance toward God in the Bible. One of the most lucid is that of David.
16x9(It's hard to be humble)
Just what is humility? Whatever it is, we need it to please God!
Woman worshiping god, close up
Without God’s trials we would not dig out this living hope—the only one there is.
16x9(Why Meditation?)
Your mind is like your stomach: It constantly needs to be fed.
16x9(Responsibility in prayer)
Whether you are at headquarters or out in the field, whether you are a member or co-worker, you have a vital responsibility in God’s Work. … What is it?
16x9(Prayers of a priest)
Praying man hand and bible on desk.
Get on your knees—and fulfill your eternal calling
16x9(True Repentance)
16x9(What is meditation?)
Woman hands praying with a bible in a dark over wooden table
To grow spiritually, it is important to combine our Bible study and prayer with deep, rock-solid meditation.
16x9(How to meditate?)
Meditation is a constant practice—it is a part of your daily life.
Most believe that Jesus Christ was born on December 25. What does the Bible say about the timing of Christ’s birth?
Portrait of happy girl sitting at festive table and looking at camera
We should have a thankful attitude toward God every day.
16x9(Being converted)
Christian conversion doesn’t happen automatically! You need a plan. Here are five things to consider in how to order your daily life so as to become more like God.