Alex Harrison
16x9(Eyes on the goal)
Businessman writing or drawing a note in a blank notebook
The fact is, the real formula for success is to know and apply the seven laws of success.
16x9(Waste out time)
A crowded, cluttered lifestyle can be of great advantage to Satan.
Gazing out a window
Happiness or joy is a matter of right thinking—not intelligence, age or position.
Back to the drawing board
We must all go forward and make progress. No one can do it for you.
16x9(Given to hospitality)
We must understand what true Christian hospitality really is.
Failure (16x9)
Failure can be your greatest tool for achieving success.
16x5(Wise Counsel)
We are judged on how we incorporate God’s instructions into our lives.
the hand reaches for help
How much compassion we have affects the Work of God.
16x9(Train up a Child)
African american father teaching daughter
God will use our children as role models—if we do our part today.
lonely man on beach in silhouette at sunset (XL)
How to prepare for the upcoming spring festivals
16x9(Honor our Father)
Nine keys to bringing a powerful spiritual truth into our own homes
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
The two most important keys to keeping the fire of the Holy Spirit alive are prayer and Bible study. Are you neglecting them?
Singles do play a major role in God’s Church.
sRGB IEC61966-2.1
‘No dishonesty is worth the price I will have to pay for it—inward conflict and unhappiness.’
16x9(Your Word)
My word is my bond.
Man working on wood
Some have it; some sadly don’t!
Mother and little girl hands folded in prayer on a Holy Bible together  for faith concept in vintage color tone
How much do your children pick up from sermons?
A close up image of a man and woman holding hands after marriage ceremony.
Both roles in marriage are equally important.
Couple in nature talking
Words can create or destroy relationships. They make life brighter or darker, spread a great deal of misery or joy, forge a chain of grief or satisfaction.
Couple on Boardwalk
Submission is something to be enjoyed.
Happy mature couple holding hands
Here there are three principles to help you establish a stable marriage.
16x9( House in Order)
Hands with a document on a computer keyboard
God tells us to “lay up for a rainy day.”
16x9(How to Keep the Fire)
To keep God’s Holy Spirit alive and active, you must work at it.
16x9(The importance of keeping our word)
Closeup of a business hand shake between two colleagues
This is an age when many promises are made, but few are kept.
16x9(To-do list)
Plan your prayers.