Personal Appearance Campaigns Return to Belfast

EDMOND—Personal Appearance Campaign staff members arrived in Belfast early on February 21 to set up for the Philadelphia Trumpet’s second event near the Northern Ireland capital. Following the Sabbath the next day, executive editor Stephen Flurry spoke to a group of subscribers, focusing on news events over the past 13 months and saying that the pace of fulfilled prophecy is accelerating like it did prior to World War II.

A total of 49 people attended, including 32 who are not already members of the Philadelphia Church of God, about 14 of whom attended the Feb. 28, 2019, campaign in Belfast. Two attendees of the 2019 Belfast campaign have since begun attending services with the Church.

The group heard Mr. Flurry review the history of Britain and Europe appeasing Germany under Adolf Hitler, and emphasize that British Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill was the last line of defense. He extrapolated several lessons from this history for Christians today and said, “God is mercifully reaching out” to listeners as a warning to “take action.”

Attendees also included an invididual from Belgium and another from the Netherlands. Campaign manager Edwin Trebels said that several subscribers seemed “on fire” for the Trumpet’s message, and one has already been keeping the Sabbath and after the campaign lecture asked to attend services and be baptized.

Mr. Flurry hosted his second live online lecture for Trumpet subscribers on March 1. His father, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry, will present his next Personal Appearance Campaigns on March 22-23 in Seattle, Washington, and Fresno, California.