Headquarters Hosts First Ever Online Singles Bible Study
An online singles Bible study with participation from hundreds of PCG brethren all over the world was hosted from Armstrong Auditorium on Saturday, June 30.

An online singles Bible study with participation from hundreds of pcg brethren all over the world was hosted from Armstrong Auditorium on Saturday, June 29. Pastor Joel Hilliker delivered the message, with almost 100 singles from the Edmond congregation attending in person. The event included a Bible study with discussion geared directly to singles, and was followed by an online fellowship session.

Users tuned in live on 244 different computers around the globe, with some connections representing dozens of individual viewers. Several online participants e-mailed headquarters to say that they had a group watching it together, including:

  • 11 in Southern California
  • 10 in Oregon
  • 14 in Ohio
  • 7 in Toronto
  • 6 in South Africa
  • 35 in the Philippines

All totaled, that means there were over 400 participants that we know of.

In addition, we logged participants’ comments from various spots around the globe: California, Idaho, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, North Dakota, Florida, Ontario (Canada), Alberta (Canada), Manitoba (Canada), Quebec (Canada), Puerto Rico, Colombia, El Salvador, Trinidad, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

For singles who would like to view a recording of the study, follow this link.

Following is some of the feedback we received as people were logging on and during the study:

Thanks so much …. This is such a blessing!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity. I’m really looking forward to it.

Well have a nice day, and thanks for setting up the singles Bible Study, excited! :)

Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks! Can’t wait.

I think it would be great!

I’m looking very much forward to the live singles Bible study!

This is a very nice way of making new friends. Thanks for all your hard work guys.

This is great to have this opportunity to take part in this singles sermon. Thanks so much, Mr. Hilliker. —Lois Blair

I’m really excited to be with so many brethren for this Bible study. Thank you, Mr. Hilliker, for making this possible. —Karen Croisdale

Receiving you loud and clear in Invercargill, New Zealand.Thanks everything is fine in Invercargill. Keep up the good work. —Joyce Toro

Yes! Just heard the announcement about the Singles vs. David’s Musical!Hope to be there!Yes! Great news about the Winter Weekend for singles!1 a.m. in the morning—this is great! —Jackie, UK

Winter weekend! Great idea. —Theodore Trecker

Six South African ladies up at 2 a.m. —Trudy, Brenda, Desiree, Chantel, Anya, Ghina.

We are with our minister—Mr. G. Githembe—as well. —Brenda Muller

Thank you, Mr. Hilliker, for this most inspiring Bible study on dating that has taught me how to do it God’s way—the right way. Thank you. —Tanya Thomas

Hello, Mr. Hilliker and team. Thank you for arranging this most uplifting Bible study. Our minds have been opened to God’s way on dating—it’s not about marriage, it’s really about serving. We look forward to future events. —6 ladies from South Africa

Don’t forget to let us in cyberworld know when it is “turnabout week.” —Sydney Renney

Hi. Thank you, Mr. Hilliker, and all who put together the launching of a very encouraging singles Bible study. I enjoyed the campfire and was re-acquainted with some singles I already know and new ones! —Elaine E.

Had a wonderful evening at the singles’ Bible study this evening.Thank you, Mr. Hilliker, and all who made it available to us. —Jennifer Ladd

I watched the singles Bible study. It was great. Thank you. —Domenic Petrillo

I participated in the Bible study and campfire last night. … Also wanted to say “Great job” to Mr. Hilliker for the Bible study, and the Campfire was great as well. THANK YOU! —Shirley Lee

Greetings from the Phils! Hi! I am excited about the new project …. Thank you also for the live Bible study yesterday. I was at the Church office in Angeles City, along with the 30 plus singles and Mr. Macdonald (John and Kirk) and our deacon. We are excited about the program. … Thanks in advance and have a lovely week ahead! —Zisa

Have more feedback for us? Where did you watch the Bible study from? Tell us in the comments below!

NOTE: To access the study, etc., you will need to sign in to singles.pcog.org. If you haven’t already done so:

1) Make sure you have a Trumpet.com account. If don’t already have an account, visit:https://www.thetrumpet.com/account/sign_in. Use your e-mail address to sign up.

2) Make sure your Trumpet.com account is verified. To do this, click “Account” at the top of the Trumpet.com homepage. Your “Account Profile” should indicate that your “Account Type” is “PCG Member” or “PCG Prospective Member.” If this is not the case, call headquarters: (405) 340-7474.

Once you have a verified Trumpet.com account, you will be able view the Bible study here. (You must be listed as a single in our database to access this site.)

NOTE: There was a bug we fixed in signing up for the singles directory. If you experienced problems, please try again. If your problem persists, e-mail singles@pcog.org.