Herbert W. Armstrong College Hosts Spring Recital at Armstrong Auditorium
Armstrong College music students perform with Imperial Academy high school students.

EDMOND—Herbert W. Armstrong College held its annual spring semester recital on May 5. Fellow students and congregation members saw 19 college students and eight Imperial Academy high school students sing in English, French, German and Italian and play the cello, guitar, piano, flute and violin. Junior Elyssia Lancaster gave a short piano recital with pieces by Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.

Voice student Jordanya Rouzer, who sang Vielle Chanson and Stӓndchen by F. Schubert, said learning music has helped her build self-discipline since she has to schedule, plan and maximize five hour-long practices a week on top of her normal student course load. She also said she loves learning music because she can serve God and other people with it.

“You can just see the delight on peoples’ faces when you’re doing it God’s way,” she said.