Prove God and the Bible

It is the most essential question in your life: Does God exist? Or is God a myth? Many people think of God as a superstition or human invention. In many ways, modern society is built on this assumption, with millions of people believing what they believe because they carelessly take it for granted.

Meanwhile, millions of others take it for granted that God does exist. Why? Because they were taught it from childhood, or because the people around them generally believe it. But few of them have proved it.

The answer to this essential question is not something to take for granted. Wrong assumptions lead to dangerous error, for individuals and for entire societies.

Many societies have invented gods from their own imaginations. Many have worshiped them using idols of wood, stone or metal. Many have idolized the sun or other inanimate objects of nature. But these gods have proven false.

Some societies have used belief in their gods to justify terrible abuse of fellow human beings, including religious crusades and mass murder! At the same time, societies that have rejected the existence of God have perpetrated some of the worst mass killings in human history. Throughout human history, wrong answers to this essential question have caused mountains of tragic human suffering!

If God does exist, who or what is God? The answer is crucial to your understanding of your own purpose for existence, and of how you must live your life.

To begin proving the answer, we encourage you to read Does God Exist, by Herbert W. Armstrong. Read this booklet online, or request your free copy at our sister website,

The question of God’s existence leads to many other vital questions: What is God’s nature and character? Did God create the material world, and if so, why? What is God’s purpose? All of these questions and many more are answered in “Who and What Is God?” the first chapter of Mr. Armstrong’s most important book, Mystery of the Ages. We recommend this excellent resource for your further study on this subject.

THE SECOND essential question you must answer is this: Is the Bible true? It is by far the most popular and influential book in human history. But is it actually what it claims to be, the authoritative Word of the Creator God? Or is it merely the religious writings of a small, ancient race, groping in the darkness of human ignorance and of superstition, trying to develop a concept of God?

Again we must acknowledge that most people operate according to their own assumptions or received understanding, rather than having proved the answer.

Modern education instills within students a hostility toward the Bible. And most students accept such ideas and attitudes, supposing them to be rational and irrefutable, without examining evidence to the contrary. Those students have gone on to shape the society and the world in which we live.

At the same time, most people who accept the idea that the Bible is inspired by God do not study it, believe it and live by it. The Bible makes this extraordinary claim: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). Yet the Bible can be difficult to understand. Many people pick and choose portions they find inspirational and ignore the rest. Many twist the meaning of certain scriptures and dismiss anything they disagree with.

You do not need to wonder about this crucial subject. You can prove whether the Bible is in fact the inspired, authoritative Word of God!

Believe it or not, the Bible itself offers several tests of its own authority. It makes claims that can be shown absolutely to be true or false. You can study these yourself by reading Mr. Armstrong’s booklet The Proof of the Bible. Read this online, or request a free copy and we will send you one.

Proving the Bible is a life-changing study. You will see definitively that God does exist—and that He has provided detailed revelation regarding who He is, what His plan and purpose are, why He created mankind, and how to live in a way that leads to fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, prosperity and happiness! Now is the time to begin your study of this life-changing question!