The PCG Literature Library

The Bible is the most important book in history. It has shaped the world for thousands of years. Yet it is also a mysterious book. Most Christians, now and throughout the ages, have not understood it. Many have openly admitted as much.

The Bible is the Creator’s instruction manual for human life. Yet it is not written like an instruction manual. Read it front to back, and you will gain immense benefits, but you will still be left with many questions. Its true meaning will remain hidden.

That is because the Bible is coded. Its Author unlocks its meaning only to those whom He chooses, and who have a humble and teachable attitude.

You can understand the Bible. And the Philadelphia Church of God publishes websites, magazines and more than 100 books and booklets to help you decode the amazing and inspiring meaning of the Bible.

All PCG literature has been and always will be completely free of any cost, and your information is kept confidential. You can order your literature at the website of the PCG’s main magazine, the Philadelphia Trumpet. Just go to the Library page of

Below are some of the highlights of our literature library we would like to tell you about. (Clicking on links will direct you to literature page.)

Mystery of the Ages

Would you like to read a synopsis of the Bible contained in one book? Mystery of the Ages, by Herbert W. Armstrong, takes the most fundamental questions of human life and shows which passages from the Bible answer each of these questions. In an engaging and personal style, Mystery of the Ages addresses seven mysteries of human existence in seven chapters: “Who and What Is God?,” “Mystery of Angels and Evil Spirits,” “Mystery of Man,” “Mystery of Civilization,” “Mystery of Israel,” “Mystery of the Church,” and “Mystery of the Kingdom of God.” Order a free copy or read it online at this link.

Malachi’s Message

Did you know that God’s Church turned away from Him in these modern times? God called out individuals from the world’s competing churches, religions and ideologies, and brought them into His one, true Church. Using His servant Herbert W. Armstrong, God revealed to His people the meaning of the Bible. But after his death, a conflict erupted, and the vast majority of true Christians turned away from the biblical truth they had learned. The leaders who succeeded Mr. Armstrong rejected him and Mystery of the Ages, but a tiny minority of people in God’s Church held on to the biblical truth contained in that book. God revealed to Gerald Flurry that the Prophet Malachi had forecast this exact, dramatic struggle over the truth. That revelation was published in Malachi’s Message to God’s Church Today, by Gerald Flurry. It is the founding book of the Philadelphia Church of God, and the first of more than 100 PCG titles to date, including 19 that the PCG fought in court to obtain the right to publish, including Mystery of the Ages. Order a free copy or read it online at this link.

The Philadelphia Trumpet

Do you need up-to-date analysis of world events, based on the Bible? The PCG publishes the Philadelphia Trumpet, a newsmagazine that covers world news, social trends, Bible prophecy and biblical principles of living. The Trumpet is read by more than 1 million people all over the world. Published in five languages—English, French, German, Italian and Spanish—the Trumpet is the pcg’s flagship magazine.

World events are becoming increasingly unstable and dangerous. The Trumpet analyzes these trends and shows how they were specifically prophesied in the Bible, how they are connected to social trends, and how you can escape the danger and live an abundant life. With the Trumpet’s unique perspective, the prophecies recorded in the Bible spring to life and bring a sense of meaning and a bright ray of hope to a world gasping for breath.

The Trumpet features extensive coverage of the hottest spots of world news—both in today’s headlines and in biblical prophecies—including the Middle East conflict, state-sponsored terrorism, the European Union, Russia, China, and the decline of the United States, Britain and Israel. Hard-hitting, in-depth articles covering national and world economies, terrorism, health issues, geopolitics, morals, religion, science, security, energy, the media and a host of other topics appear 10 times a year in the print edition and multiple times per day on

As the Trumpet’s home on the Internet, features electronic issues of the print edition magazine, but it also encompasses much more. It is updated, with current news items throughout the day, and features an abundance of original content not found in the print issue. The site also features original narrated video content, links to key newswire stories, issue archives, search capability, a literature library and more. As with all the church’s media, a subscription to is absolutely free.

The Trumpet is patterned after the Plain Truth, established in 1934 by Herbert W. Armstrong. A one-year subscription comes at absolutely no cost.

Royal Vision

Are you interested in understanding the meaning of the Bible? The Church’s Christian living magazine, Royal Vision, gives you a dynamic, biblical insight into the meaningful, rich, rewarding way of life described in the Bible. What is God like? What is His plan for you? How should you worship Him? How should you interact with others? How can you have a happy family? How can you raise successful children? A thinking person looks at life and realizes it is precious and powerful, but it remains mysterious. The Bible contains the answers to living a good life. Royal Vision guides you to those answers. It is patterned after the Good News, established in 1951 by Herbert W. Armstrong. If you would like a free subscription, click this link to e-mail our mail department—and be sure to include your mailing address in the e-mail.

Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course

Do you want an interactive, structured approach to learning the Bible at your own pace? Thousands of students are doing just that with the PCG’s Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course. Its 36 lessons explore the Bible by subject, beginning in the very first lesson by examining whether the Bible’s accuracy and relevance in the information age. Subsequent lessons explore world crises, which days Christians should observe, life after death, the return of Jesus Christ, the future of the world, and more. Students taking the print version receive nine installments, each including four lessons and a test. The course is also available in an online version.