Turnabout Is Coming!
Singles, get ready for November 7-9—it’s Turnabout Weekend!

Singles, get ready for November 7-9—it’s Turnabout Weekend!

Ladies, remember that you can ask your dates out one month ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to use the Feast as an introduction to plan some dates out for Turnabout!

What is Turnabout? We’re glad you asked!

Turnabout is an opportunity for the women to stop doing the waiting and start doing the asking. A tradition dating back to Ambassador College, the weekend is designed to give ladies the opportunity to “take on the responsibility of planning for and asking men on dates,” as the Armstrong student handbook states. Not only is turnabout a chance for women to serve the men, but it also gives the men a chance to appreciate the detail, creativity and effort the ladies put into each date.

In this short weekend, girls are free to pack their time full of dates with whomever they want. The usual custom is to ask a different date for each of the three days, one for Friday night, one for Sabbath, and another for Sunday. Girls plan, ask and pay for the dates on the weekend.

The change of pace serves a wonderful purpose.

Assistant dean of students Eric Burns said Turnabout “gives girls an appreciation of what is required to have a date … They have to ask a person and plan a meaningful date,” which is the purpose behind Turnabout.

It gives the women a chance to be creative, and it gives the men some ideas. More importantly, it gives both sexes an appreciation for what the others go through. Women learn how difficult it is to be responsible for the whole date. Men learn what it’s like to not be in control of when and where they go on a date—and they get some insight into what the women like doing. When the weekend is over, everyone has learned to appreciate what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence. As a result, they can be more respectful and understanding to each other in their normal roles. Turnabout is a just a different way for singles to serve each other.

With more of our singles throughout the Church using technology and working harder to create more dating opportunities, we thought we would publicize the dates for Turnabout Weekend for everyone to enjoy.

Ladies, feel free to organize your group dates or one-on-one dates for the weekend. Use the singles directory if you don’t have options nearby. And men, get ready for some dates!

And everyone, please remember the purposes for dating! It is focused on mental, social, moral and spiritual character development—on serving.

Have fun!