Members of Melbourne Congregation ‘Remember’

AUSTRALIA—On April 7, members from the Melbourne congregation toured the Melbourne Holocaust Museum.

The group was led to one exhibit where they were able to choose one of six postcards, each of which had an overview of a holocaust survivor’s story. Members were then free to explore the exhibit at their own pace. Throughout the museum there were places to slot the postcards in, and the screen above would show the next part of that survivor’s story. At the end of the exhibit, they watched a virtual reality tour of another survivor as he told his story.

The VR tour took viewers through the places the survivor had been, from his youth and initial capture in Poland, his incarceration in Auschwitz and then after being freed, his move to Australia.

Member Gordon Ashurst said, “The whole experience was deeply moving, especially as we know that what happened to the Jews during the war is going to happen again but much worse.”

Local Church Elder Andrew Kennedy said that the museum “showed how much Satan hates Jews, but it shows you that he hates spiritual Jews most of all.”

After touring the museum, members went to a local Jewish restaurant.