Filipino Singles Hold Second National Singles Summer Weekend

PHILIPPINES—Fifty-one singles from seven congregations came together for a singles summer weekend held from March 29 through April 1.

Set on the mountains of Orani, Bataan, the weekend gave Filipino singles time to unwind and fellowship. After a brief orientation upon arrival on Friday afternoon, the singles prepared for a Sabbath dinner overlooking distant rivers, mountains and towns.

“Alive!” Preaching Elder Broderick Tongco said, setting the tone for the weekend with an invigorating Bible study which emphasized the need for an active spiritual life. “God wants you not just to exist and survive, but to be alive, to be spiritually alive.”

Before services the next day, the singles held a hymn singing session, with all men choosing a hymn and leading the congregation. After services, the day concluded with a vibrant dinner dance.

On Sunday, the singles painted indoors, played outdoor games and shared their thoughts at a topics and fellowship night. On the last day of the activity, the singles had the opportunity to further bond with one another in the resort’s adventure park, which included ziplines, sky bikes, giant swings and more.

Member Keesha Jarina enjoyed “watching sunrises over an expansive mountain range while wading in a gorgeous and deep blue infinity pool” with her fellow singles.

“The messages were encouraging, and the social events were lively,” said Dorothy Rodis. “The weekend reminded me that I am alive and that I can do more to be and feel alive.”

Organizer Ruzzel Santiago was “amazed to see how God worked it out and made every activity flow smoothly. The singles weekend was truly an uplifting experience, witnessing an atmosphere of laughter, joy and service among the singles.”