Northwest Families Showcase Talent

WASHINGTON—Nearly 70 brethren from the Seattle, Washington, and Tigard, Oregon congregations combined for a weekend of messages, talent and games from March 2 through 3. The weekend had been rescheduled from January when a snow and ice storm kept Oregon members at home.

In his sermon on the Sabbath, Regional Director Cal Culpepper admonished the members to prepare now for their future by choosing Jerusalem. The Bible Study by regional assistant Roger Brandon focused on Passover examination. After services, the members had a potluck meal.

That evening, the congregation held a talent show that included a piano solo by Emma, a flute solo by Ellen Jameson, a recitation of an original poem by Mary Randall, a blues guitar solo by Brian Hallett, a vocal solo by Deborah Short, and Irish dancing solos by Liam and Owen. Ken Fehr presided over the show as emcee, assisted by his two young boys who pumped up audience “entusiasm” as very young Hans and Franz.

Members reconvened on Sunday for a gym and table game day. Activities included dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, freeze tag and board games. Snow had threatened the weekend once more, but the members were directed to pray for God’s intervention, and the planned activities were carried out without a hitch.