Students and Faculty Retreat to Country Cabins

OKLAHOMA—From February 28 through March 3, 54 students of Herbert W. Armstrong College, as well as some staff and faculty members and their families, bonded over meals, group activities, songs, campfires, games and messages during the annual college campout. Although they were less than an hour away from the campus, the event provided a respite from the hustle of the college schedule. Most students and families stayed in the eight long cabins provided at the site, which sat next to a small pond and open field. The site was accessible by a long dirt road off of Route 66. Others set up tents to sleep in. For meals they met at the site’s main facility, a gymnasium with a kitchen attached. It was here that, in between meals, they played card games and board games, held a basketball tournament, participated in an improvisation night, conducted game after game of nine square and produced music videos, among other forms of leisure. Throughout the campout, students could be seen taking walks with friends or as a class, reading, embroidering and crocheting.