Northeast Congregations Hold Club Symposium

OHIO—After Sabbath services and a potluck on February 24, men from the congregations of Niles, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; and Morgantown, West Virginia, combined for a symposium Spokesman Club. The theme of the evening was “Monumental Decisions in World History,” and the four speakers used positive and negative historical examples to bring out the importance of decision making.

All three congregations were represented in the speaking portion of the evening. The speakers discussed topics such as human nature, human reasoning, man’s failed government and the need for God’s government. The club was open to all members of the congregation that wanted to attend, bringing total attendance to 50 people. Following the speeches, Northeast Regional Director Brian Davis led a question-and-answer session about the speeches.

In his closing lecture, Mr. Davis said, “We have to really examine ourselves. Take everything we learn from history and apply it to your own life.”