College Students Travel to Fulton for Outreach

OKLAHOMA—Sixteen students from Herbert W. Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma, travelled to Fulton, Missouri, for an outreach from February 9 through 11. The outreach coincided with the annual “Fulton Family Winter Weekend,” also attended by Philadelphia Church of God congregations from St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri; Des Moines, Iowa; and Niles, Ohio.

The students arrived at the Cedar Creek Resort on Friday evening, where they relaxed around a bonfire and fellowshipped with other members staying at the nearby cabins. The next day, the students drove to the Legends Rec-Plex center in Fulton to meet with over 90 people for Sabbath services.

A choir, organized by Preaching Elder David Weeks specifically for that weekend, sang “Teach me, O Lord” by Douglas Nolan for special music, accompanied by live piano. In the announcements, Mr. Weeks pointed out that students of many different nationalities were attending the weekend: Australia, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, South-Africa and the United States. The sermon was given by Regional Director Brian Davis.

Following services, members and students conversed over a potluck-style dinner. After sunset, they split into groups to compete in a Western style games night, which included shooting Nerf guns at targets, lassoing wooden bulls, answering Western trivia questions, throwing cowboy boots and building mini rafts. Mr. Weeks added a “W” to the name of the weekend, making it the “Fulton Family Western Winter Weekend.”

“No other group of people or organization on earth puts the effort and energy into getting together to observe God’s Sabbath and then having well organized and enjoyable activities with each other,” Kansas City member Cody Murphy said.

Sophomore Anastasiya Koval said it was “amazing how quickly the students bonded with the members and families in just a day and a half.”

On Sunday, members and students reconvened one more time at the sports center for an active morning of cornhole, minute-to-win-it style games and sports such as basketball, volleyball and ping pong.

“The sports and fellowship morning was arranged to accommodate people from all ages,” college senior Daniel van Halteren said. “It makes you think of the vision in Zechariah 8:4-5, where the elderly as well as the children dwell together in peace!”