Ministers Visit Congregations in Fiji

FIJI—Local Church Elder Ian Icasiano and Local Elder Brian Sherwood visited Philadelphia Church of God members in Fiji from February 16 through 19, attending Sabbath services, a potluck and a day at the beach.

After conducting visits in the Lautoka region Friday morning, the two ministers drove to Suva for Sabbath dinner with members in Lami Bay. Mr. Icasiano, who was recently assigned to serve New Zealand and Fiji congregations, met the Suva congregation for the first time on the Sabbath. Mr. Sherwood gave a Bible study, and, after a potluck lunch, Mr. Icasiano gave an afternoon sermon.

Brethren met on Sunday morning for a beach day at Pacific Harbor, with a total of 11 members in attendance. The area had been overcast and rainy during the week and into Saturday.
Members were asked to pray for God’s intervention in the weather so the beach day could continue. They woke up Sunday to sunny, clear blue skies. The weather added to the food and fellowship.