Fort Worth Spokesman Club Hosts Mid-Year Gala

TEXAS—Thirty-six Philadelphia Church of God men brought their wives and dates to attend the Fort Worth Spokesman Club mid-year Ladies’ Gala on January 20.

Following president Kelly Havens’ opening comments, vice president Jeffrey Miller led the topics session, asking questions such as, “What do you admire about your wife or mate?” “What would you like to see scientists learn from studying the universe?” and “What are ways in which you are incorporating meditation into your life?” Attendees volunteered answers throughout, but one question in particular stirred high participation as Mr. Miller reminded everyone of a playoff collapse by their hometown football team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Assistant director Grant Turgeon evaluated the first half of the meeting and summarized the speeches and lectures of the four previous meetings of the season. He told the ladies that they are a big reason why the club men strive to fulfill that year’s club theme: “Becoming Men After God’s Own Heart.”

Sergeant-at-arms Johnny Miller served as the toastmaster, introducing speeches of the evening. George MacDonell gave a speech on Franz-Josef Strauss’s book The Grand Design. Joe Tedesco recalled how his relationships with family members changed when he entered the PCG. Henry Schuett gave an oral reading of Tecumseh’s poem “Live Your Life.” Treasurer Steve Szabo explained how to properly use a ladder. Larry Walker gave a biography of his late grandfather, Bob Swaim, who was a hardware store owner.

Club director Wik Heerma concluded the meeting with speech evaluations and a lecture admonishing the men and guests to prepare for their future as the Bride of Christ by having a heart like God’s today.