Florida Members Honor Seniors

FLORIDA—On the evening of January 6, the Florida Central congregation, aided by youths and young singles from the Florida West and Florida South regions, hosted a special dinner event to honor seniors in the area. Nearly 50 senior members (age 55 and older) attended.

After a short lecture by Local Church Elder David Miller highlighting the special place God’s seniors play in His Church and Family, the youths and singles served a home-cooked meal. The seniors divided into six teams for a round of Jeopardy to conclude the evening. They chose questions from diverse categories such as “PCG,” “Bible,” “Movies” and “Music.”

“It was really great to see all the young people and singles getting involved in serving the seniors. It really made this a family event,” said one member, whose 11-year-old daughter Emilia was one of the young servers.

Some of the seniors said a highlight of the evening was that the meal was served by the young people. Scott Sievert, a local senior, said, “Very enjoyable and uplifting opening comments, fellowship, fine dining and even a game night. How much better does it get?”