Arkansas Members ‘On a Roll’ with Nori

ARKANSAS—On December 15, 36 members of the Central Arkansas congregation gathered together in the home of members Hank and Barbara Chadwick to learn the art of making sushi rolls. Attendees chose one smoked salmon and one tuna roll from a list of recipe variations.

Husband and wife team, Luke and Socha Chadwick, educated and led the group through the process of cutting fish, vegetables and even fruit to roll into the rice and “nori,” the seaweed used to wrap the roll. After spreading the rice on the nori and placing the other ingredients on it in a horizontal line, participants rolled it up using a bamboo sushi mat.

“It’s just like following any other recipe, so it’s not as difficult as some believe it to be,” said Socha.

Members ended the night fellowshipping over a meal of fresh-made sushi and took the leftovers home.