Members Spend Labor Day Weekend Under a Starlit Canopy

OHIO—Over 200 Philadelphia Church of God members from 13 congregations spent Labor Day weekend, September 1 through 3, near Fayette, Ohio, participating in annual congregational traditions such as championship euchre, “capture the flag” and an entertainment night, as well as other activities such as Chicago ball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and a square dance led by caller and Preaching Elder Eric Burns. The bonfire amphitheater facilitated a hymn sing under the same canopy of stars that inspired so many of the psalms featured in The Bible Hymnal.

“So near to the Feast, I originally wondered if Camp Palmer would detract from our holy day preparation,” mused northeast Regional Director Brian Davis during the opening remarks of his Labor Day weekend sermon. “I now see that it’s a propulsion into the holy days.”

The trip to rural Northwest Ohio is a four-day respite from life, with a focus on unity and “knit together in ties of deep family love” as Mr. Davis later added. Citing Philippians 4:2, he said, “We couldn’t have a wonderful campout if we didn’t have the same mind in the Lord.”

“Camp Palmer proves God’s way of life works,” said Local Elder Calvin Culpepper in his Sabbath sermonette. “God’s law is the only path to bring about Camp Palmers in the future.”