Southeast Families Hold Labor Day Cook-off

FLORIDA—On September 3, around 88 Philadelphia Church of God members from the southeast region gathered at the Baker family farm in rural Chiefland Florida for a Labor Day barbecue cook-off.

While members ate and fellowshipped under two tents, some immersed themselves in lawn games, while others took walks through the nearly 10-acre property. A highlight for children of all ages was a 30-foot inflatable water slide. Then the cook-off began. Five men assisted by their families smoked and roasted select cuts of beef seasoned with their secret styled recipes. A panel of judges tasted the submissions before they were served for dinner. Teens and youth also competed for the tastiest roasted chicken, which was included in the evening meal.

One member from the area remarked how she was really impressed by the involvement and enthusiasm of the children in the cook-off activity. “They were really excited to be able to participate and share their chicken dishes with the rest of the brethren.”

As the glow of the summer sun retreated below the horizon and nightfall brought beautiful evening weather, members continued to fellowship as they waited for one of the highlights of the activity.
Abruptly, the night sky was illuminated with a fireworks display, bringing the activity to a close.