Northern Filipino Seniors View the Past

PHILIPPINES—On November 19, eleven seniors of the Philadelphia Church of God Baguio and La Union congregations tripped to a beach park in Luna, La Union, province to view historical Filipino galleries.

They first visited a refurbished watch tower, used by the coastal populace to see approaching Moro raiders who would abduct able-bodied men and women for the slave trade in Southern Philippines in the 1800s. They then visited Bahay Na Bato, dubbed as the “beach with no grain of sand,” viewing showcases of relics of farming and fishing equipment, household items and other gear dating to a century ago.

“They show viewers the transformation of important tools and equipment necessary for daily life,” said Alvaro Bagawe while viewing the displays.

“I enjoyed learning as I saw things I had never seen and used before,” said Evelyn Laroco, the youngest senior in the group.

After the gallery viewing, the group ate a beachside lunch of grilled fish, seaweed salad and local vegetable dishes prepared by some singles of the two congregations. As they had dessert, they watched to waves of the incoming high tide roll and break in the rocky portion of the shore until it was time to leave.