Pastor General Records 1,000th Program

OKLAHOMA—Philadelphia Church of God Pastor General Gerald Flurry recorded his 1,000th Key of David television program on November 15 at Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond, Oklahoma. On the air for more than 30 years, the program has covered world news and the prophecies and doctrines of the Bible, continuing the legacy of the World Tomorrow program, with Herbert W. Armstrong.

Herbert W. Armstrong began what would become The World Tomorrow radio and television program in January 1934 and continued broadcasting until shortly before his death in January 1986.

The 1,000th episode is titled “Colossal Hope in David’s Throne” and offers The New Throne of David and the reprint article “The Prophet Samuel in Shiloh.” On the air for more than 30 years, the program began on about half a dozen stations in the United States, and $90 million in air time, 2,183,431 calls, and 2.5 million literature orders later, it now airs in three languages on more than 550 stations in six countries and online, where episodes have received as many as 1.3 million views. Mr. Flurry has offered Mystery of the Ages, by Herbert W. Armstrong, more than 70 times.