Zimbabwe Members Have a ‘Mini Feast’

ZIMBABWE—On September 17, the Harare congregation of the Philadelphia Church of God held its first social activity since March 2020. Thirty-three members, including visiting Regional Director Wayne Turgeon and Preaching Elder George Githembe, gathered on the grounds of the Akeelah Gardens, located less than two miles from the Harare city center, for a picnic and “braai” (South African barbecue).

Members played ball games, jumped on a trampoline, conversed, ate fresh fruits, corn snacks and drinks before lunch. The ladies shared a bottle of sweet wine as they prepared salads and sadza (a traditional Zimbabwean maize porridge).

“Great food, great fellowship,” Mr. Turgeon said after the meal.

Loveness Gandawa, who helped coordinate the preparation of the food said, “Everything went well. The food was delicious, and there was enough for everyone thanks to all who contributed food and labor.”

After lunch, members young and old competed in a volleyball match, cheering for and encouraging each other. After his team lost to Mr. Githembe’s, Mr. Turgeon said he needed to practice his serve. Five-year-old Tafadzwa said he really enjoyed himself.

Member Ittai Chirima, who travelled nearly 130 miles to attend the feast of Trumpets the day before was very appreciative of the additional opportunity to have fun and fellowship. “I’ve just had a mini feast,” he said.

Activity organizer Innocent Gandawa thanked all the brethren for their contributions and participation. “The activity was a success. I think that this is the best venue yet.”

At the conclusion of the day’s activities, Mr. Turgeon said, “Fantastic! Let’s do it again!”