Northwest Arkansas Members Hold Picnic

ARKANSAS—The Northwest Arkansas congregation of the Philadelphia Church of God met at a creek-side park on August 13 for their annual picnic, which included lunch, lawn games and fellowship.

After lunch, the members played lawn games as well as frisbee golf. The light rain did not stop them from finishing their games.

Breanne Bacon said about the picnic and games, “It was great to have the opportunity to strengthen unity in the family, and I am looking forward to the next one.”

The children in the congregation cooled off and played at a splash pad in the park. Those who did not participate in the frisbee golf or splash pad played board games and card games.

Member Steven Privatsky said, “It was a great family focused event with something for everyone. It was enjoyable to watch all the children play and laugh together in a unique environment. We even had quite a few members participate in frisbee golf. These events are always a highlight for the brethren.”

After the nine-hole frisbee golf game was complete, the congregation gathered under the pavilion for some last-minute snacks and conversation. As the day came to a close, everyone was laughing, sharing ideas and time together.