Arkansas Brethren Provide “Bargains Galore on 64”

ARKANSAS—The Philadelphia Church of God congregation in Central Arkansas held a fundraiser, named “Bargains Galore on 64,” from August 10 through 11. The fundraiser, set up in a community parking lot and the yards of member’s homes, spanned 160 miles along Interstate-64.

Members set up in the parking lot of a community center next to a local members house on August 10. Rain was forecasted for the sale days, and although the sky was overcast, the rain was withheld. The radar showed that the frontal boundaries of the storm were to the north and south of the location.

Member Donna Floyd said, “It was a fantastic opportunity to work together and see God work miracles, like literally dividing a storm, so the yard sale could be a success!”

Even the youth and teens contributed to the fundraiser, providing much of the heavy lifting as well as a lemonade stand. The two days of sales brought in over $2,200.

Member Caity Boren said, “I think this year’s garage sale could be summed up in two words: expect miracles. The congregation came together with a serving attitude and a desire to let their light shine.”