Northwest Arkansas Holds Yard Sale Fundraiser

ARKANSAS—On July 23, 15 members of the Philadelphia Church of God and their families gathered at member Steven Privratsky’s home for a yard sale fundraiser. Out of nearly 100 customers, only two or three didn’t buy anything, and most of those who did purchased at least two items.

Nearly everyone bought lemonade, sold by Mr. Privratsky’s children, Kate and Carter. One man smiled and laughed as the children asked him to buy some lemonade. The bulkier, more expensive items disappeared gradually, and by the end of the day, only clothes and smaller items remained. Right as the sale concluded, a couple in a truck showed up, purchasing the remaining clothes and many other items, as well as some lemonade. This enabled the cleanup crew to fit the remaining items into five vehicles to take to a donation shop, saving money that might have otherwise been required to rent a trailer. The funds raised during the sale were more than twice what they had been in at a previous sale in 2018.