Angeles Singles Share Games, Fellowship

PHILIPPINES—Twenty-five singles of the Angeles congregation of the Philadelphia Church of God came together on July 16 for an afternoon of fellowship and games.

One of the games was “Bingo Blackout” game, where each participant marked off numbers on their cards. The room erupted with cheers when April Lady Melendres shouted “Bingo!” The event also featured food and conversation.

Arvin Iglesias said that while the games were fun and the food was great, the “crowning element” of the activity was the company: “My fellow singles were filled with vibrant energy coming from the heels of an electrifying Bible Study.”

Heidi Rodis said the event was “relaxing and fun, with ample time for hearty fellowship with other singles and the ministers and their wives.”

Beatrice Iglesias said, “It was different than most of our activities. This one was relaxing but never short of fun and entertainment. The dine-and-chill gave us more time and space to fellowship.”