Missouri Club Members Hold Ladies’ Gala

MISSOURI—Located in between Kansas City and St. Louis along Interstate 70 is the city of Columbia, where 25 Spokesman Club members and their guests attended a Ladies’ Gala on June 25 to finish off the season.

The event began with a topic session, with questions ranging from, “What is a treasured memory of your father?” to “Should a Christian boycott WOKE companies?”

Guest Cathy Zollner said, “It was great to see much participation on the topic’s session from both the men and women and I enjoyed hearing the different speeches. …the food was on par!”

Five speakers were scheduled for the event. One presented the story of a fisherman who survived 438 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Another spoke on the importance of quality exercise. A third speaker drew lessons from an influential school teacher. Two speakers, without planning it, gave correlated speeches exploring separate components of the vastness of the universe.

Club member Tony Stepter said, “It was a very enjoyable event celebrating growth and development. It also provides a great opportunity to develop unity between the brethren.”

Before his closing lecture, club director David Weeks presented vice president Anthony Crump with a graduation certificate. The meeting was followed by a meal, fellowship and dancing.