Greenwich Spokesman Club Hosts Gala

CONNECTICUT—The Greenwich Spokesman Club held its end-of-year Ladies’ Gala on June 11 at the North House in Avon. Twenty-eight guests in formal attire listened to speeches and discussed various topics amid the white décor of the Belle Ballroom.

Topicsmaster and club graduate Tad Trecker presented questions ranging from the Apostle Paul’s thoughts on marriage to the indictment of President Donald Trump. For the speech portion, graduate club members gave a symposium on lessons from the building of the American nation and how God is building His spiritual nation of Israel. Club director Victor Vejil said that the object of the symposium was to make the concept of God’s spiritual nation being born in a day more real.

Guest Minday Martin described the event as “gorgeous, royal, delicious, educational and inspiring,” and said it was “truly an honor to attend.”

Club member Ed Teti said, “From the opening prayer to the final lecture by our director, Mr. Vejil, this gala encapsulates what Spokesman Club is all about: leadership, correction and rejoicing.”