Buffalo Congregation Raises Funds in Yard Sale

NEW YORK—On July 9, with rainstorms forecasted, members from the Philadelphia Church of God congregation in Buffalo held a yard sale fundraiser. Prayers were requested for weather, and not only was the rain withheld from the area, but cloud cover and breezes kept the pavement cooler than usual.

Compared to last year’s yard sale with a number of higher dollar items being sold, the inventory this year amounted to mostly smaller, less expensive items. However, a steady stream of customers making purchases throughout the day added up. Member Maria Petruzzi said that she was hesitant to bring a particular item because she didn’t think it was worth much, but when it sold she was ecstatic knowing it was going for a worthy cause, and that she was able to contribute.

Throughout the fundraiser, members worked together and shared stories of experiences with different customers and sales. The day ended with a traditional Buffalo family cookout.